7 evidence that you absolutely do not know how to buy clothes

Who among us does not like shopping? Meanwhile, it is important that it be as useful and economical as possible. To do this, you should make purchases deliberately and get rid of these 7 habits that make us waste money.

Do you perceive shopping as leisure

Of course, for most women, shopping is a pleasant pastime. But, in order to make it really pleasant, you should not go to the store for a walk without a specific goal and buy everything that you like. It is important to first determine what things your wardrobe lacks, and look for them during shopping. Otherwise, you risk to buy something that just does not fit into your wardrobe.

You are shopping impulsively

Try to buy things more deliberately. For example, before you buy this or that thing, think about what you could wear it with and how long it could serve you.

You are attracted by the free delivery offer.

We are increasingly making purchases on the Internet, and, sometimes, does not buy those things that we really need, but those whose delivery promises to do for us for free. To fight this habit, try to distance yourself from the benefits of free shipping while making a final purchase decision.

You buy things similar to those that you already have

As soon as we find a certain thing that we like very much and ideally suits us in style, we begin to buy such a thing again and again, even if what we already have is in excellent condition. As a result, we have almost a dozen white T-shirts, leather jackets or midi skirts in our closet. To cope with this obsession, buying a new thing, ask yourself whether you really need another new thing identical to the things you already have. After all, it is wiser to diversify your style and wardrobe, spending money on new images.

You are buying the stock "when buying two things, one more - as a gift"

This is a successful marketing move, profitable store. But is it beneficial to you? Always think if you need this second thing. And the third? Perhaps you are more profitable just to pay for one?

You buy a thing just because it is on sale

Discounts are always nice. However, during sales and discounts there is a high risk to spend money on something that you absolutely do not need and that will not serve you for a long time. Ask yourself, would you like to purchase this or that thing, if there was no discount on it?

You buy a thing because its offer is "limited"

Promotions that limit the amount of a product, lead potential buyers to believe that the product is exclusive, which means they have to buy it. In fact, when buying things you should not be guided by the fact that it is limited, but by whether you need it or not.