12 edible aphrodisiacs for passion and frantic desire

Food and sex are the two greatest weaknesses of all mankind. These two components can be successfully combined to get an unforgettable romantic evening in the mix.

Aphrodisiacs are products and substances that increase sexual desire. There are a lot of Aphrodisiacs, some of them have been around for a long time, such as oysters or truffles. But there are those who are almost always at our fingertips, but we do not know about their purpose. We suggest you to get acquainted with aphrodisiacs closer, and also learn about the dishes in which you can add them for an absolutely hot night.


Basil is an excellent aphrodisiac, in addition, it can be found in almost every kitchen. Add basil to soups, broths and dressings. You can use it both dried and fresh.


Garlic is a universal aphrodisiac, it can be added almost everywhere - in salads, soups, snacks and various sauces. In addition to its direct appointments to increase craving, garlic is also an excellent helper in the prevention of colds and viral diseases.


Seafood, in fact, all are aphrodisiacs. Shrimp is no exception. They can be used as a separate separate dish, can be added to soups, salads, snacks and gravy.

Quail eggs

Small eggs are very convenient to use for stuffing and decorating dishes. They can also be added to salads and snacks.


You can burst them just like that, but, nevertheless, more elegant and refined walnuts will be combined in salads.

Spinach, parsley

Yes, our favorite greens are also aphrodisiac. At this point, the scope for creativity is wide, greens can be put almost everywhere: in salads, soups, broths, dressings, main dishes and even in hamburgers.


Favorite delicacy will feel great if you add it to the sauce or salad dressing. Well, and, of course, do not forget about the dessert, where honey will always be the way.

Wine, Cognac

If you are determined to get the effect of aphrodisiacs from these drinks, then use them when cooking meat or fish, you can add wine to marinades, or to sauces.


No matter what: red or black. This is an unusually useful delicacy, and even an aphrodisiac. Caviar can be eaten independently, either used in pancakes, sandwiches or for decorating dishes.


A great way to use ginger is ginger tea, it is very healthy and tasty. Also, ginger root can be added to salads and first courses.


This is probably the best aphrodisiac. Not only is it extremely tasty, it also improves mood and attraction.


Pomegranate is very useful both by itself and as an aphrodisiac. Very tasty salads with the addition of pomegranate are obtained - it gives an unusual taste and piquancy.


Very rare and expensive mushrooms. Perfect for adding to salads or as ingredients in meat dishes.