Because of these actions, men will no longer respect you.

There are things that a woman can never do for anything, otherwise you will lose respect in the eyes of your man. What could be worse?

1. Full consent

Not having your own opinion and always saying “yes” is a quality that is good only for a girl at a time. Even if you are the sweetest, kind and responsive, do not bend over others and agree on everything. A woman should have a solid position in life and a clear outlook on life.

2. Illegible sexual contact

Jumping into bed with a barely familiar man is a bad indicator. And even if this man got what he wanted and was satisfied, he is unlikely to take you seriously and with respect, since you have already put the mark of a girl of easy virtue on yourself.

3. Alcohol

You can afford to drink a glass of good wine at dinner, but it's better not to get drunk. A drunken woman is not a pleasant sight. Usually, all this ends with disorderly ties, scandals, or showing their far from the best sides.

4. Flirt

What you consider easy, meaningless flirtation, men can perceive as a potential betrayal. Therefore, you should not make eyes and smile to that nice guy, even if he started the first one. Do not give an extra reason to doubt yourself.

5. Lies

As you know, a small lie always gives rise to a big one; therefore, do not begin to compose and invent something that was not. In addition, frankness and honesty are the most important components of a happy relationship, so if you don’t want to undermine your trust, always try to tell the truth.

6. Report on each step

No matter how close your relationship is, you should always have the right to privacy and space. You should not spend with your boyfriend 24 hours a day, you should not report on each step, he has no right to check your phone and correspondence, and you can do and do what you like. All within reason, of course.

7. Complaints about past relationships

What was, then passed, so do not stir up this topic, especially with your man. It is better not to mention the former and not to talk about past relationships. Firstly, it may not be pleasant to your boyfriend, and secondly, what is the probability that you will not also lay out all the secrets about your current love?

8. Masks

Do not make yourself who you really are not. Men most value naturalness in women, so be yourself. Do not change roles and roles, do not wear masks, trying to please him. What is important is not how he sees you, but how he will love you.

9. The image of "boy-women"

A woman should not be a fairy princess, but at least a lady. Therefore, foul language, smoking, dubious companies and alcohol should be forgotten and never remembered about it. Be refined, sophisticated and elegant - the one you want to conquer, and for which you can move mountains.