3 home purchases that seem silly after a couple of months

As a person, perhaps overly interested in repairs and alterations, I spent a lot of time buying furniture, kitchen utensils, accessories, and the like. I like to wander aimlessly through the departments of my favorite stores or jump from page to page of online stores, just, you know, to inspire ideas and nothing more (joke, of course, I would like for me to have such will power!).

But it should be noted that of all the items purchased for my permutations and alterations, a considerable share turned out to be regrettable. There are, of course, things that I will appreciate after many years, but there are also such purchases that in a couple of months seem silly or impractical. So, to help you avoid mistakes like mine, I made a list of three categories of things that I would rather have bypassed when I started repairs.

1. Low grade or non original artwork

I think that everyone has a period of fascination with funny phrases or wall posters or pictures of mass production. My first apartment was abundant in this kind of “art” - a special homage to the picture with the words “Like a boss” that hung over my desk when I was studying at the institute! But now, when I’m under thirty, I’ll rather spend a little more money and start collecting a collection of more serious and adult art, finding artists who are close to me in style. Of course, it seems easier to spend 30 dollars on a piece on sale and be happy, and only who knows me will understand, because I am such a lover of sales that it is hard for me to resist. But I learned a lesson for myself, although sometimes I have to remind myself again that such things do not stand the test of time badly, and in a short time they start to seem overly pretentious. Since real art can be expensive, and it’s not always easy to decide on your style, start with sites like Etsy and Society 6, they have a very wide range of artists, and you don’t have to rob a bank. Of course, you will have to search before you find something “your own”, but I guarantee that it will be something more meaningful than a banal picture from a shopping center.

2. Cheap wine glasses

Wine glasses are a necessary attribute in many apartments, no matter if you prefer traditional glasses with or without feet. Of course, you can find options for any wallet, but it is important that the glasses still are not too cheap. Many of those kits that are sold in supermarkets even stand up normally, but turn out to be very fragile and fight with almost every wash. It happened to me many times, and believe me, collecting shards everywhere and thinking about the prospect of changing glasses for your Pinot is not fun at all! Now, in addition to my stock of strong glasses (mostly without a leg), I have a good set of acrylic glasses. These friends hold on for years, they can be decorated with bright motifs and prints, and you don’t need to be coddled with when you wash them. It just doesn't make sense to pay $ 5.99 for a set of six glasses, every time guests come to you.

3. Too beautiful things.

We have already understood from the example with glasses that inexpensive items may have their drawbacks. However, it is also worth thinking twice when you are going to pay a tidy sum for a design object or order a snow-white sofa. In my previous apartment, I had a beautiful chair with a Dalmatian print, which invariably gathered admiring comments from friends. I, fortunately, purchased it in near new condition on Craigslist, which saved me a lot of money, but still it was not cheap at all. Although this chair was very stylish, daring and perfectly fitting into the interior of a lonely young girl, it was completely impractical in its proper purpose in the living room. I liked to look at him, but the very idea that someone would sit on him ... yes, and, perhaps, with a drink in his hands ... Yes, it was terrible! If she, the past, I knew what I know now, I would choose a more colorful pattern, in which the stains would not be so noticeable, or I would choose a reliable solid-colored chair of dark shades and beat it with some interesting pillow. Although, to tell you the truth, I will always have one or two things, beautiful, but not the most practical - hello, chairs with a pattern of peacock feathers! The secret is not to put them in areas with high traffic, in friendly party zones.