4 reasons why men fall in love faster than women

It is often said that it is women who fall in love faster than men because of the desire to quickly find love in their lives. On the other hand, men are often accused of being always so emotionally devastated. It is believed that they are colder, tougher and more distant floor.

Why do men fall in love faster? Why do women control their feelings and emotions better? Why do men so desperately need to gain feminine affection and love?

As it turned out, there are several fairly simple answers to these questions. Here are a few logical reasons why men tend to fall in love faster and more intensely than women.

1. Men spent most of their lives suppressing their feelings and emotions.

Boys are always taught to repress their feelings and emotions, because they convey weakness. They are often told that only women are always too sensitive and sensitive. And when they hold back their emotions for so long, they will inevitably ever explode.

2. Men - Owners

Men are true advocates. And they, as a rule, protect what they consider to be their property, for example, their relationship. They can become owners in their relationship to such an extent that they will do everything possible to preserve them. And they will act hostile to threats.

3. Men usually do not question their feelings.

Men are always allowed to feel how they want to feel. Women are often told that they are crazy because of their feelings, but men do not have to face such stigma. They are not afraid of criticism or response.

4. Men rarely experience deep and close emotional connections.

And therefore, whenever they have the opportunity to have a deeper and longer relationship with a woman, they do not hold back. They are given completely.