Why "good girls" do not attract men

Are you afraid to upset your man? Forget about your desires and needs for his sake? You are definitely on the wrong track. No man wants to build a serious relationship with a woman who:

  • I forgot the word "no" and agrees with everything he says.
  • Pretends that she is fun, when in fact she wants to cry.
  • He never states his claims because he is afraid of conflicts.
  • He does everything so that the partner is comfortable, even to the detriment of himself.
  • Afraid to say too much, just not to offend him.

Amazing, right? It seems that, on the contrary, every man dreams of such a docile woman. But this is a myth. After all, no man wants to spend his life with a woman who pretends all the time, hides her real feelings and thoughts. This is a relationship built on lies.

Such a woman does not attract men, because she does not show either herself or her character. She tries to be so docile, quiet and inconspicuous that you can just forget about her. A man simply does not know with whom he builds a relationship, because next to him is always a woman who puts on a mask.

Moreover, years of pretense and lies can eventually lead to nervous breakdowns, aggression and the inevitable rupture of relationships.

Such behavior can be called the "good girl" syndrome. And, if you feel that you are suffering, it’s time to stop hiding and appear to the world as you are.

First, stop saying yes when you want to say no. Your emotions and sensations will always prompt you when you are going against yourself.

Learn to express your true feelings. Do not pretend when you are sad, do not hide insults.

Forgetting about yourself, you seem to say: "I mean nothing." And then your man will also cease to appreciate and respect you. Start by thinking first about yourself. This is not egoism, this is adequate behavior.