What can your jewelry say about your character?

Women have long identified and expressed themselves through their jewelry. There are those who prefer gold to silver, diamonds to pearls or vice versa. And there are those who prefer to wear nothing at all - and this is also a position. According to some experts, the type of jewelry that you wear (and do not wear) can tell a lot about your character.

So, this is what jewelery from various gems and metals can tell about you.


You are not one of those women who follow the crowd. You always prefer to wear pure silver rings and designer necklaces. And it makes you unique.


You are the woman who loves art and classic beauty. You are able to easily adapt to changes and at the same time are honest with yourself and mundane.


Gold jewelery has long symbolized wealth and wisdom - starting from the era of the pharaohs. Women often buy gold as an investment. This is a decoration that any image can make visually more expensive.

Fashion Jewelry

You are used to placing bold accents with your very trendy jewelry. You can afford to wear jewelry according to the latest fashion - and always stand out.


Most women who prefer diamonds are somewhat conservative and reluctant to accept change. There are those who have a particular passion for luxury diamond products by famous designers - these are modern aristocrats.


If you like to wear precious stones, you are very sentimental, spiritual and have a delicate sense of beauty.

Not interested in jewelry?

Some women are not really interested in jewelry and most of all rely on natural beauty. They are very confident and never come under peer pressure. They stand out for their unique style.