8 memories of relationships that he will keep forever

1. Meet the parents

Meeting parents is an important milestone in any relationship. He will always remember that moment when he first met your mom’s gaze and shook your father’s hand. Usually this is accompanied by anxiety, awkwardness, rubbing against each other and excessive experience. And then, when the first episodes of dating pass, you can quietly exhale and become yourself - this moment is truly the most pleasant!

2. First sex

This moment is certainly important for both of you. For you - as something intimate, as close as possible, complete surrender and acceptance of it. For him - the conquest of you, the transition of your relationship to a new level and one hundred percent trust. After all, if you decide to have sex with him, then unconditionally trust.

3. First date

Yes, yes, men remember that. And they remember it not as we, women. They can forget the date, time of year, your hair color and the dress in which you were at that moment. But they remember things like your smile, smell, touch and look.

4. Your tears

The moment when you first allowed yourself to cry in front of him, makes you in his eyes vulnerable, vulnerable and encourages care, affection and protection. We can let our tears show only to the people closest to us, right? Therefore, the moment when you relax and become yourself, you can safely associate with when you cried in front of him.

5. First joint journey

Joint rest is an important indicator of the seriousness of the relationship. Especially the first. You will get to know each other again, open new parties, see a partner in an unusual situation, together choose a travel route, excursions, a hotel, restaurants, where you can eat, souvenirs. It is as if you live together a small life in which you move to a new, closer level of relationships. Of course, this is impossible to forget!

6. Your first gift

It does not matter that you presented something that did not suit him at all and did not have to taste. The important thing is that you tried and chose it for him! It can even store it for many years, as a memory of your candy and bouquet period.

7. The first major quarrel

Yes, this is also not forgotten. Especially the first scandals that arise after the seemingly ideal period of love and rose-colored glasses. At such a moment it seems that this is all: the end, tearing and tears in the pillow. But you forgive each other, make peace, and this reconciliation is worth all the nerves spent during an argument.

8. The first time when he sees you without makeup and in home clothes

No, no, this is not a horror at all and not a nightmare, as many now thought. The moment when in front of him you can be yourself: without a ton of makeup, without breathtaking heels, without a dress, matched strictly on the figure and without perfect styling - this is the moment of maximum trust and intimacy. This means that you took off all the masks, threw off the uncomfortable scales and steel, the way you are - sweet, homely, a little shaggy, so warm and tasty, that he immediately wants to put you in his arms and never let go!