9 rolls of grace, which imperceptibly makes a man only for the woman he loves

How often many women complain about their partners that they are too callous, rude, un-emotional and stingy to show affection and love. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite - just sometimes it is worth a little more careful to watch your faithful, and you will open your eyes to many things.

1. It leaves you the most delicious piece.

This is the highest manifestation of care - to leave the beloved woman the most delicious of food, nobly yielding to her own temptation.

2. He listens to your favorite music.

And it does not switch the song, when the very composition that you like madly plays even on the radio, even if it infuriates him to the gnashing of teeth.

3. He sometimes wears your purse.

Not always, of course, but if you really want it, or it’s too hard for you, he kindly agrees to take your reticule.

4. He covers you if you are revealed at night.

And at the same time he will also carefully tuck the blanket under your side so that it is as warm and comfortable as possible.

5. He buys you favorite treats.

Chocolate, cake, candy - all this man presents to you from time to time as pleasant presents.

6. It repairs your broken things.

If he cannot do it on his own, he prudently submits them for repair and then returns the whole and intact.

7. He is reviewing your family albums.

Honestly, few men love this activity. Well, if you only look at the whole family kaleidoscope once. But the man who really loves you and wants to do something pleasant, will at least 10 times listen to the story about Aunt Masha from Vladimir and watch practically memorized photos where you go to grade 1.

8. It rolls over if snoring at night.

And, most importantly, he hears when you ask for it, and he changes his posture calmly and meekly.

9. He wipes crumbs behind him and does not eat at the computer

And also washes dishes and even vacuums. Did you recognize your man? Then hold him tight and never let go!

10. He remembers important dates for you and always congratulates them.

Believe me, the first date and the second kiss is important only to you. For men, in fact, all this is tinsel and little things that are not worth it to fill their heads with. But if he really does not forget about the date of your acquaintance, the day of engagement and the birthday of your mother, you can sleep well, he truly loves you.