This one piece of advice will help a woman who has lost her hands.

It is true that life hurts us all in different ways, and healing requires a full and happy life. However, when you think that every time you encounter a problem, you just need healing, you fall into the trap. The trap of the negative, which does not disappear anywhere, but only accumulates in your subconscious.

Healing is a return to integrity. This means the integration of complex feelings and experiences, the achievement of peace with them and the ability to move in any direction that we choose with greater ease and confidence.

Of course, this process involves the recognition and processing of many negative things that we have not previously been interested in.

But, if you constantly feel that you are healed, cleansed, but you do not receive this healing at all, this means that you need to think seriously.
Most likely, you say to yourself: "I heal, I change," and not: "I am healthy, I am whole, I allow my life to be good." You yourself create the conditions in which the achievement of the goal is impossible, since you do not let go, but analyze all the bad things that are happening to you. You are constantly thinking about how to fix this or that in your life, but not correct it. That is why you hang around.

People are obsessed with weight loss, but continue to gain it. They complain about the lack of money, and they are never enough. This is initially an incorrect approach, since you are investing more in an existing problem than in a solution that can get rid of it.