8 cool things you can only feel after 40 years

For 40 years, it is considered a critical point for a woman - youth has passed, the main life stages have been passed, a middle age crisis looms ahead, and it seems that there is no longer any point in waiting for anything new. In fact, the perception of their own age depends entirely on each person. Someone puts on himself a cross and turns into an old woman, and someone discovers new facets and enjoys life. The most important thing is to be able to find in yourself what you could never experience when you were young and naive.

1. You are self-confident and self-sufficient

It is by the age of 40 that a woman is recruited from the very life experience when she knows her worth and is not exchanged for small things. Just stuffing a lot of cones and Oskomina, having collected all the sharp corners and stepping on the same rake a thousand times, we begin to truly respect ourselves and not squander ourselves on those who are not worthy of us.

2. You have the opportunity to live for yourself

Usually at this age, a woman begins to fully and fully belong to herself - life is adjusted, children have grown and become independent, there is confidence in the future and solid ground under their feet. So, it's time to take care of yourself and fulfill your innermost desires and dreams.

3. You are well versed in men

You already have an impressive experience of relationships with the opposite sex, so you know for sure what kind of man you want to see next to you, and never let anyone in your life. The time of reckless and brain-breaking love leaves, but rationalism and prudence comes.

4. You don't care what people around you think.

By the age of 40, we accumulate in ourselves that very healthy pofigism, when the opinion of other people becomes indifferent to us. We no longer worry about gossip and discussion behind our backs, do not listen to other people's advice, and live only the way we want, and not someone else.

5. You love yourself

Finally, you have reached the point where you are in harmony with yourself. You skillfully mask the flaws and emphasize the dignity, you know your strengths and perceive your image as a whole, not in pieces.

6. You value privacy

Now you know for sure that loneliness does not exist. There is solitude - a great opportunity to be alone with yourself, do your favorite thing, take a break from the hustle and bustle and listen to yourself. You appreciate this state and get pleasure from it.

7. You left real friends in your life

Life put everything in its place and eliminated those people who are not worthy of being in your life. At 40, your friends are the most loyal, honest, and faithful people, those who are truly time-tested, and never betray and never do meanness behind their backs. Appreciate them.

8. You have learned not to regret the past.

Now you can say with confidence that your every word and action, every deed accomplished in the past was correct. You know how to accept life as it is, without building castles in the air and living in the present day. Exactly what you are now - the result of your hard struggle called "life", in which you, of course, won.