Men dream to hear from you these 4 phrases, but they themselves will not utter

It's no secret that sometimes it is not easy to achieve mutual understanding between the sexes. Men do not say much out loud to women for various reasons: fear to offend, shy, do not want to look stupid. Meanwhile, surely many would dream of hearing these 4 phrases from a woman:

"Oh, these flowers, a waste of money - will fade anyway"

There are, of course, men who really sincerely love to give flowers. Mostly men give bouquets, one can say, by inertia, paying tribute to tradition. After all, it is not by chance that the number of bouquets in a couple's life is reduced in direct proportion to the time that the two are already in a relationship.

"Remember the day of our acquaintance is not necessarily"

Dating day, first date, first kiss, first sex, wedding day. Most men are not so sentimental to remember so many dates and anniversaries. Nevertheless, there are women who are ready to arrange the anniversary of any event in a relationship, and even manage to scandal or be offended by a man who has forgotten some day.

All these dates, in actual fact, are not so important. The main thing is that he is with you and you are happy. It is enough that he remembers your birthday and wedding date, and leave the rest of the mini-dates to teenagers.

"Look, what a beauty!"

No matter how you want the opposite, but a man will pay attention to other women, especially beautiful women. It is simply inherent in their nature. However, no need to dramatize. The fact that he looked at a spectacular woman on the street does not mean that he wants to change you.

Therefore, it is not necessary to arrange a scandal for a man for any attention towards other women. A normal man is no good, and in any case it will not stop a traitor. The best option here will be to work on yourself and your relationships, so that whenever he looks at another woman he thinks: “But mine is better.”

“Let's not go anywhere today, but let's watch football at home”

Women, especially in the candy-bouquet period, are waiting for the man to surprise them. Therefore, various activities, going to the cinema and restaurants are becoming commonplace. In fact, many men

tired of active social life. In addition, most men admit that they are more comfortable with one-on-one women than in a public place. Therefore, sometimes a man wants to watch a movie or football at home much more than go somewhere.