3 ways to keep your skin young if you are over 40

The focus now to an even greater extent than before, should be moisturizing and restoring collagen in the skin. Do not forget to also protect your skin with sunscreens and use more effective makeup cosmetics.

Here are 3 more anti-aging councils for women aged 40:

Do anti-wrinkle treatments in the salon

In salons use proven effective technology. One of them is a laser. Laser procedures really work wonders in eliminating signs of aging. You can start with relatively mild treatment with a Fraxel or Clear + Brilliant laser, and, if necessary, go for more serious procedures. So, deep creases and wrinkles are eliminated with the help of fillers that are inserted under the skin, lift it and smooth the folds. Fine lines and light wrinkles can also be removed with the help of neuromodulators and fillers.
Ask your doctor to create an individual anti-aging treatment from the parameters of your skin that will combine laser procedures and, if necessary, injections.

Restore collagen with retinol at home

As soon as we reach the mark of 40 years, the level of collagen in our skin begins to fall. At the same time one of the main destroyers of collagen is the sun. If you started taking care of your skin at the age of 20, your skin will be in better shape. If not, at 40 you wash see the consequences of improper care.
The best ingredient to stimulate collagen is retinol. In addition to visiting salon procedures, periodically apply serum and other products with retinol to the skin to restore collagen levels in the skin.

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles with the proper moisturizer.

The level of skin moisture decreases as sebum decreases. When the aging process of the skin starts, it can look dry and coarse. And this means that you need a moisturizer that suits your skin type and effectively moisturizes it. Choose products with emollient ingredients that trap moisture.

When the skin undergoes photo-aging, especially mature skin, it has a lack of lipids. Therefore, include in your beauty mode also products that contain ceramides and lipids.