“Sick” relationships: when to go to a family psychologist

Nowadays, psychologists and psychotherapists are becoming not just episodes from American films, but really necessary and needed help. People stop being shy and assume that going to a psychologist is equal to spending one year in a mental hospital. Family psychotherapy is gaining more and more popularity when couples seek the help of a specialist to solve family problems. But how can you not miss this important moment, when you cannot postpone the trip to the psychotherapist?

1. Indifference to sex

This is a very serious problem that can be paired. Yes, relationships are not built on the same sex, but you cannot go far without him. If you have lost attraction to each other, and thoughts about sex only annoy you, the reasons for this may be very deep. Without help here is not enough.

2. Dependency

Here you can talk about different things: alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopaholism, dependence on food. If one in a pair suffers from addiction, then the second partner automatically suffers. It is possible to recover from this only by jointly seeking help and jointly overcoming the pernicious passion. The most important thing is to support and believe in your other half.

3. Changes in life

Such serious changes as pregnancy, the loss of loved ones, moving to another city or country, problems with money are very stressful and can leave an imprint on your relationship. It is better to contact a psychotherapist to help you get out of this state.

4. Secrets from each other

Of course, you are not obliged to share absolutely everything with your partner and report on each step. But if you have serious secrets from each other, you hide a lot and keep back - this means that your level of trust has plummeted.

5. Quarrels over nonsense

It seemed that yesterday you would not even pay attention to this and just laughed heartily together, and today you tear and toss, grappling, like a cat and a dog. If you are more and more quarreling over the color of the shirt that fits his eyes, the direction in which the mug handles are turned and, in general, you just forgot what it means to speak calmly - you obviously should go to a psychologist.

6. You discuss each other behind your back.

You complain about it to your mom and girlfriends, and he is grumbling over a glass of beer with friends, what a disgusting mistress you are. Familiar? Gossip is probably the worst thing you can do for each other. It is better to stop in time, because there is clearly something wrong in your relationship.

7. You became vindictive

You remember each other's insults and misses from five years ago, you can not talk for weeks after a trifling quarrel and blow up the scandal from scratch. Perhaps you are just tired and you need to rest. But, if this does not help, then you have a direct path to a psychotherapist.

8. You have different priorities.

It happened unnoticed and it is not clear at what point. Most recently, you had the same goals, you dreamed about the same, made joint plans for the future and adhered to common views on life. But now you have become too different: you want a child, but he cannot look in the direction of diapers and sliders, for you the most important is home and family, and he will stop at nothing before building a dizzying career. You have become completely different principles, norms of morality and priorities. These are very disturbing notes that require immediate intervention by a specialist.

9. You doubt each other

He says that he is going to his mother, and you already represent him in the arms of a stinging blonde. And when you go to bed, he hacks your page on social networks to check the correspondence. You just do not trust each other, trying to catch absolutely everything. This requires a timely stop and competent awareness of their actions.