8 reasons why a husband does not respect his wife


It often happens when a husband does not respect his wife. Why is this happening and how to solve the problem of disrespectful attitude?

Respect in family life is the foundation of family well-being, the adoption of personality traits, habits and goals of the second half. Disrespect is due to a number of reasons. The main reasons why a husband does not respect his wife:

  • dictatorial behavior towards the husband;
  • constant criticism and control of men;
  • no interest in the life and problems of the spouse;
  • the husband’s limited money and control of his wife’s money;
  • constant reproaches and insults;
  • rude communication with any kind of violence;
  • disrespect and depreciation by the wife;
  • cheating spouse.

When a woman behaves in a similar way with a man, he ceases to feel himself the head of the family, moves away from his wife and ceases to respect her. A man eventually begins to do everything in spite of his wife, thereby offending her.

Psychologists also put forward their own reasons, which are not dependent on women:

  • copy parental behavior;
  • retake of communication of reputable friends, acquaintances;
  • psychological trauma in childhood;
  • features of a person's character.

8 signs by which it can be understood that the husband does not respect you

Recognizing disrespect is very easy. The main signs of not respecting the husband appear when:
  • a man shows that he is bored in your society;
  • he despises your life goals;
  • he accuses, insults and behaves in a boorish way;
  • he is in the first place everything (friends, hobby, work), except his wife;
  • he shows cool feelings and often refuses intimacy;
  • he compares his wife with other women;
  • he deceives and hides little things from his wife;
  • a man in a quarrel says he regrets marriage.

Husband insults me - does not it respect me?

Any kind of insult to the spouse is a sign of complete disrespect. He makes it clear that he is not afraid of losing you, so he does not even try to control himself. If your husband allows himself to lead you that way, then you allow him to treat him that way. Often the woman herself provokes the man to be rude, carping and accusing him of all family problems.

A man who simply insults his wife, most likely has low self-esteem, a bouquet of complexes and failure, like men. Against the background of his wife, he no longer feels limited and he likes to behave like this.

What makes a husband lose respect for his wife?

In family life, two loving people are attuned to each other. Before them appears a lot of problems and life, including. This is a serious test for spouses. If the spouses support, understand and accept each other as they are, then there will never be disrespectful treatment between them.

A man ceases to respect his wife when she:

  • does not respect her husband;
  • dominates him;
  • constantly dissatisfied with the actions of her husband;
  • in every possible way tries to change it;
  • often denies him sex.

What if the husband does not respect the wife?

If you lose the respect of your husband, you urgently need to deal with it. Find out the reason for disrespect to you by negotiation.

How to make a husband behave respectfully?

  1. Stop any disrespectful action against yourself.
  2. Explain to him that you do not intend to tolerate rudeness.
  3. Refuse to communicate with him in a similar tone.
  4. Give it time to cool.

You should not give slack in this matter, show the man that you love him, appreciate and cherish him. In return, you will also get a good attitude from him.

If the reason lies in the man himself, then there are two ways out:

  • put a man in his place and not allowed to behave in this way;
  • if the situation is aggravated and nothing helps, then it is easier to leave.

Husband does not respect me - it means divorce?

No need to immediately chop off the shoulder. It is necessary to understand the situation and the reasons for such behavior, since divorce is a serious, deliberate step without the possibility of a return.

On the other hand, if you have tried all the methods and your husband does not hear you and does not want to go to your meeting, you should not be tolerated. So this is not your man. You are just so different with him that you cannot find a compromise and points of contact. Man is not born to endure disrespect all his life. Everyone makes the decision and bears all responsibility for it.