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Poor people immediately give these 8 things

Money is of great importance in modern life. And let everyone say that financial well-being is far from the most important, we all know that if you have money, you can definitely make your life happy. There are people who simply stick to money, but there are those who have been beating like ice on fish all their lives, but, alas, they cannot boast of a thick wallet and impressive bills. Why is this happening, what is going wrong?

1. Hate work

Work should bring satisfaction and pleasure, with the help of it a person asserts himself, reaches certain heights, and, of course, improves his financial situation. But if work for you is a nightmare, the end of which you only do what you expect, of course, about any career growth and development is not even worth talking about. Instead of repeating for the hundredth time how you hate your job, try to find advantages in what you do, try to grow, improve yourself professionally. Set a goal, and strive for it, and the result will not take long to wait.

2. Envy

You envy everyone who lives better than you. At the same time, you firmly believe that these people were just lucky, and everything fell on them right from the sky - an extraordinary gift. And you are just offended and deprived, fortune luck does not turn to you. At the same time, you forget that all achievements are the result of hard work and effort. Or maybe, instead of complaining and envying you just make a little more effort? And everything will turn out!

3. Window dressing

You have in your wallet your last money until your paycheck, but for tomorrow you have an appointment with your friends. What are you doing? Go to the store and spend this money on a new dress, just to show off in front of your friends, to show that you are doing fine and create the effect of visible well-being. Common situation? Next time, before doing so, think well, is it worth the two-hour window dressing of such victims?

4. Complaints

You constantly complain about a difficult life, an evil fate, a government, low wages, high prices, etc. It is always someone to blame for your misfortunes, but not you. Try to take the reins of government in your own hands and change something: do not be afraid of the new, do not fear mistakes and changes, only the man himself is the creator of his future!

5. Double life in social networks

You want to show everyone that you live no worse than others and, therefore, fill up your instagram with photos where you demonstrate your wicked luxurious life. Perhaps, in this way, you reassure yourself that everything is not bad at all. In fact, instead of creating an alternate reality, try to find in your life what you are really interested in and what you want to do. Then you do not have to come up with a happy picture.

6. Lottery

Your cherished dream: to break the jackpot in the lottery, you just dream of it and dream almost from early childhood. You think up how you would spend the winnings, what you would buy or go to. Instead of indulging in dreams, it's time to understand that in this life nothing is given for nothing. Than to waste time on soaring in the clouds, it is better to engage in useful activities in order to fulfill all your dreams.

7. Wrong priorities

Instead of finding a good job, you suddenly decide to start your own business. This, of course, is good and wonderful, but only if you are really knowledgeable in this area and clearly know what to do and how. It often happens that your business draws people into incredible loans and leaves them bankrupt.