6 potential rivals to which your man can go

Every woman who is married or in a relationship should always be alert: you just have to relax a little and your man will swim away into the soft legs of another woman. Particularly wary of it is to be with these 6 female types, since it is they who most often become separate from happy unions.

1. Released from a difficult relationship

This includes women after divorce. As a rule, in moments of awareness of their own loneliness, they are led by a deep longing and desire to prove to myself that “I am still very much”. They are susceptible to any male attention and use all means to feel loved and desired again.

2. The fatal temptress

Such a woman can easily be recognized by ultra short mini, extreme cleavage and flashy makeup. The whole purpose of her life is to hunt for men using long-tried and effective ways of vulgar seduction. And, oddly enough, these methods work successfully.

3. Former girlfriend

Sometimes men maintain relationships with former passions and continue to communicate with them in a friendly way. But, as you know, friendship between a man and a woman can easily grow into something more, so you should be fully armed to fight past love.

4. Bustling feminist

Strangely enough, but such women most often take away men. The secret is that the stronger sex is very fond of this female type - an active warrior, defending their rights. Persistent, hot, indomitable and crazy. It is this one wants to curb and make his own as soon as possible.

5. Avid gulena

This type includes those very frivolous fools who consider entertainment, parties and parties to be their goal in life. They do not hesitate to make connections on the side, change, get involved in light intrigues and lead away other men. And men on all this are underway - they would, because with her it is so easy and fun.

6. Childhood friend

The same friend with whom they sat at the same desk together, studied at the institute and kissed jokingly after couples. Time passed, and the friendship remained. Yes, it happens, but, as they say, trust, but verify. Any woman is a potential rival, therefore, immediately discuss with your partner the framework of his communication with her childhood friend, so that you do not get unexpected surprises.