7 phrases that a man will never say if he really loves you

When a man tells you that he does not like you, listen to him. You might think that it is quite easy to calculate. But since we are all adults, and your partner will not be able to trample you into the dirt, simply saying that you smell unpleasant, to find out whether he likes you or hates you, it can be more difficult.

It is unlikely that someone will be able to read the thoughts of your partner, but if he has serious feelings and intentions for you, he will definitely never tell you any of these seven phrases.

1. "You are too affordable"

If a man likes you, he wants to see you. If you offer to spend one night a week together, and he gets annoyed because you are encroaching on his time, he really does not want to spend time with you. This means that you like him much more than you like him.

2. “It's funny that your friends think you're smart.”

A man who loves you should respect you. A person who respects you will never give out ridiculous taunts like this one.

If a man is afraid of your intellect or your sense of humor to the extent that he tries to use them to humiliate you, he does not like you, and you will be much better off without him.

3. "Do you have sexy girlfriends with whom you could introduce me?"

That is, the man is trying to tell you the following: “you do not attract me, but instead of telling you this out loud, I want to ask you to introduce me to your girlfriend so that I can clearly show the absence of serious intentions towards you in a crystal clear way.”

Girls, don't do this. If a man with whom you meet, asks you about it, roll your eyes and refuse to help him in this.

4. "You are for me - like my younger sister"

With this phrase, everything is so obvious that nothing needs to be explained. He has only brotherly feelings for you. Point.

5. “Come on, bro!”

Do you know what the bros are doing? They go to the movies together and leave an empty space between them so that no one would think that they are gay. That is why he is not in love with you.

You do not deserve to be his brother. You deserve a man.

6. “How can I make an offer to my girlfriend?”

Attention, spoiler: If a man makes a proposal to another woman, he is not for you.

Even if you think that his relationship is doomed, it does not mean that you should be together.

7. "I would like to meet a girl like you."

This is confusing, right? Because he says that you are the girl of his dreams in all respects ... only he does not want to be with you. This is because you are his friend. You mean a lot to him. And he does not want to risk it for fun in bed.

Maybe he likes you, but no more - just like you. Draw conclusions.