5 signs of a man who blatantly lies to you

To catch a professional liar in a lie is quite difficult - men usually disguise themselves carefully and make sure that they do not give themselves away. But if you delve into the psychology and physiology, you can literally take a man’s deception. The main thing is to be incredibly attentive and observant.

1. He begins to actively do something.

For example, when you ask a question, a man starts shifting things from place to place, moving something on the table, pulling at the collar of his shirt, or touching his fingers. This is a sure sign that he began to get nervous because of the uncomfortable question he has to lie to.

2. He changes the subject.

And usually it is done very gently and naturally. It seems that you were just talking about one thing, and now you are discussing something completely different, although you were not going to enter into this discussion. Cunning move by men.

3. He laughs loudly and falls asleep with jokes.

This is done precisely in order to divert your attention and hang noodles on your charming ears. Any of your attempts to bring him to the conversation is translated into the category of fun, humor and entertainment. So he just disguises his lies, putting your vigilance to sleep.

4. He blames you and gets angry

Very often, when a man lies, he tries to manipulate your feelings in order to make him guilty and, of course, disclaim some of the responsibility and whitewash himself. After such somersaults, he even feels hurt, offended and offended. Why, because of you, he had to lie and sink to a lie.

5. He is silent and withdraws into himself.

If you notice behind your partner excessive self-absorption, unwillingness to communicate and withdraw into your own world, most likely, it hides something important from you. And if the “glass” look at one point was added to all this, you can be sure that soon you will learn about very unpleasant events.