These 5 chips will make your basic T-shirt 10 times more expensive.

It would seem that you can come up with something interesting with a regular T-shirt? In fact, there are quite a few options. Show your imagination, and in your looks the T-shirt will turn from the subject of the basic wardrobe into a stylish and original thing.

Tie a knot or refuel

The first option is to tie a t-shirt at the waist and create a light, slightly playful look. In addition, you can fill it, for example, in classic trousers or a skirt following the example of fashion bloggers and models from the catwalk. In this case, she will look much more interesting than if you wear her navypusk. The larger the t-shirt, the more stylish the image will be.

Pull up sleeves

Another way is to tuck the sleeves of a T-shirt. For this, they, of course, must be long enough. This technique is not only very relevant and is listed among the trends, but also helps to submit a regular T-shirt in a non-standard way. Just do not overdo it - it costs very little to roll up your sleeves, otherwise you will get a very strange piece of clothing instead of a trend item.

Beat accessories

This can be either a handmade brooch or a stylish waist bag, worn in a cross body style. And if you want to make a more feminine top out of a basic sports T-shirt, then a wide elastic belt or corset will help you. There are many options, the main thing is to turn on the fantasy and get a full-length mirror. Do not forget about the rear view - sometimes it can let you down.

Wear a top or dress

This is a great reception for those fashionistas who so far only admiringly look at tops and dresses in the linen style. If all this time you were confused by the excessive frankness of these things, then a perfect solution would be a combination of top and t-shirt, or a dress on thin straps in one look. Beautiful version of a multi-layered image for summer time.

Put a print

You can do this in any digital print shop for pennies. At the same time, turning your usual T-shirt (maybe even the old one) into a designer thing that you will not find anywhere else and on anyone. By the way, classic reproductions are especially popular this season. It seems to be a good time to join the art and borrow work from Dali or Van Gogh!