You will look modern if you make one of these 4 short haircuts.

Short haircut is the prerogative of a stylish, confident and active woman. She is able to transform you, revive and completely reshape your style.

The most practical and popular haircut - Pixie, which has many options and analogues. What hairstyles will be popular this summer?


The classic version of this haircut is also the most popular. Moderately modest and concise, but at the same time spectacularly - such a haircut is suitable not only for charming young fashionable women, but also for adult beauties. An excellent solution for those who decided to radically change the image and cut off the long curls.

Pixie with bangs

Pixie with bangs - a more luxurious and extravagant version of the classic version of the haircut. It is suitable for those who are not afraid to show themselves in all their glory and be in the very center of attention, because you just will not remain unnoticed. In addition, this haircut is perfect for those who would like to make a person more skinny.

Shortened car

A great option, which is different from the classic four in length. In this case, the haircut looks very original, and is suitable for all who do not like boring images. This hairstyle perfectly corrects the proportions of the face, bringing the oval to the ideal shape. Modest, elegant, neat - what you need for a modern woman who appreciates herself.


The haircut, which has become very popular thanks to the excellent presentation of Emma Watson, a real style icon and a sample of elegance. Hair garrison very fit in spirit Emma - a young, but already successful woman, actress and public figure. If you think that you are capable of presenting yourself as an icon of style, try this haircut.