Love story

Confession of a wife who cheated on her husband with his best friend

My husband and I have been married for 8 years, we have a wonderful 6-year-old daughter. It seems to live well, my husband always helps me, my daughter loves me to madness. But lately, she began to notice that he had become a kind of twitchy and aggressive, that just starts to get angry and scream, tells me insulting words, finds fault with absolutely everything.

We have one problem: I am a very hot girl, I love sex very much and am ready to do this almost 3 times a day. And my husband has some peculiarities on this part: it starts for a long time, ends quickly, does not like to experiment. In general, we are completely different in this regard, and therefore quarrels and disagreements constantly occur.

Recently his friend and his wife came to visit us. We sat in after midnight, my friend's wife went to bed, and the three of us were still talking. The husband scolded me, complained, said unpleasant things - I was very offended. Then I noticed that his friend did not take his eyes off me, straight literally strips with his eyes. I took it and, under the table, ran my foot along his, he answered me the same. I had a firework exploded inside, so I wanted it. So we sat, touching each other under the table and burning with desire. The husband finally went to sleep, and we were left alone. He took my hand and put it between his legs, I felt that he, too, was just bursting.

We tiptoed out of the apartment, went down to 2 floors and literally clung to each other: passionate kisses, caresses, he was so beautiful, so manly. He finished almost immediately, and returned to the apartment. I was left alone: ​​discouraged, dissatisfied and a little offended. I wanted to continue, but it was clear that there would be no more.

The next morning I tried to behave as usual, but I was terribly ashamed in front of my husband and my friend's wife. And at the same time, I was angry with my friend that he simply took advantage of my weakness, did well to himself and left me unsatisfied. So many thoughts in my head, I blame both myself, and a friend, and a husband, who spurred me to treason with their offensive words. I don’t know how to live with all this now ...