10 things to say to a man instead of “I love you”

For those of you who are used to using this phrase quite often in a relationship, it may not already have the same effect. Therefore, it would be great to diversify it a little: for example, to tell your loved one that you love something special in it.

This would show that you are actually making an effort, rather than just saying the beaten phrase “I love you.” Her unusual options can inspire both of you to something new.

So, here are a few phrases that you could say to surprise your partner.

1. I fucking love you!

Everything that is used with words that reinforce meaning produces a stronger impression on the hearer. Besides, you say it with a certain energy. There is no better way to say what you think. And a little rude words only help in this!

2. My love for you grows every day

Love grows with time. Having said this, you will show that you acknowledge this fact, and also pay attention to it. You can always add something. For example, how you fell in love with some habit of your chosen one. Or do you like the way he speaks, when excited and so on.

3. You can make me laugh like no other.

Having a sense of humor is great, but clever humor is even better. It helps to keep us on a positive note. In a long-term relationship, we tend to take certain things for granted. We can forget the habit of mentioning what we love in our partners. When you notice your man's sense of humor, it will not only serve as a reminder and a compliment, but also makes it even more special. You will notice how your partner focuses on giving you even more fun moments.

4. "I like the way your body flirts with my mind" (Alfredo Cano)

Make sure your partner knows exactly how much you crave for him. Yes, there are more important things than visual appeal, and this may seem superficial for some people. But at some point in your relationship, such things become equally important. Both of you are confident in your feelings for each other. Why not assure the man that you desire him?

5. You are the only person with whom I am willing to put up every day.

Everyone has such days when they simply don’t want to deal with anything. I do not want to be with anyone. The only person whose presence does not bother you is your chosen one. This is probably the most significant thing you could ever say to him, and she will be accepted with great gratitude.

6. I love our conversations as much as our silence.

It takes some time and effort to build a relationship with a man with whom silence becomes comfortable. You are able to understand his silence just as you understand his words. And this silence is not at all awkward, it is serene in its own way.

7. Over time, you become even more attractive.

We all care how we look in the eyes of our loved ones. We are always afraid that they will lose interest in us. We always worry if they will find us attractive or not. Save each other from suffering. Tell your man what was better in him with time. You will see his eyes light up!

8. You are so seductive!

You admire how he looks, but do not seem to mention it as often or praise the same as before. So it would be nice to tell your man this instead of the frequently used phrase “I love you”. "You don't just look good, you look absolutely amazing, and I can't take my eyes off you, you are so seductive!"

These are just a few phrases you could use. Get creative. Come up with something eccentric. Make your chosen one attentively listen to your unusual confessions that make him a sincere smile.