How to turn into a real magnet for men: 4 tricks

Women from whom men are delighted, do not always differ incredible beauty. Representatives of the stronger sex, which must be confessed, of course, pay attention to appearance, but not always it is decisive. They are yoen of such women, next to whom they feel good, that is why these qualities are most appreciated.

Easy world view

Men hate bore. These are seriously and confused ladies and then declare to their husbands that fishing is nonsense, and football even more so, and he must concentrate on work, and on weekends weed beds at his mother-in-law's cottage. No, dear. He prefers the one with which you can have fun.

Sense of humor

Another important quality of an ideal woman from the point of view of men is a sense of humor, without which one cannot do in our uneasy life. Men themselves are always willing to laugh, and they really want their love to share it.

Inimitable feminine charm

Women must be cute and charming. You can talk a lot about the fact that they don’t owe anything to anyone, but still, if a woman has a delicate charm, she becomes much more attractive in the eyes of men.


Few men prefer shy modest women. Self-confidence should be in moderation, but still she is very beautiful to women, and attracts the attention of men to them.