Short instructions: 10 secrets, thanks to which you will never have problems with hair

Everybody has good days in life, when hair looks like after salon styling, it is soft, elastic, shiny and every friend asks how you achieved it. But unfortunately, most often, when you get up in the morning, your hair sticks out in different directions, pushes, twists and looks so dull, as if from them sucked all the vital energy. To exclude such days from your life, stylists shared their techniques for perfect styling.

  1. If you want your hair to shine, and your spray does not cope with this, you can add a couple of drops of hair oil to it. Spread the oil over the strands and the hair will shine.
  2. For sloppy waves, hairstyles that have become popular due to Hollywood stars also have a tip. Do it not with the help of curling, but with the help of ironing. Just wrap the end of the strand around the iron and hold for 2 seconds.
  3. Take a braid for the night, that when rubbing against the pillow, the hair did not electrify and did not become brittle.
  4. To raise the back of the hair, make a small basal volume with a brush. Take a comb and on the lower strands at the roots make a little bouffant. Such a package will create the illusion of density and chic volume.
  5. To freshen curls, use a hair dryer on a cold mode: use your fingers to stroke your hair, as if combing. This will make the curls more alive and natural.
  6. Trimming the ends once every 2 months will help the hair look healthier and fuller.
  7. Moisturized and healthy hair retains its color longer, so if you decide to dye it, then spend a few treatments before it.
  8. For volume, first dry the roots, lifting them with your fingers. If you start with the length, the important roots go down and the hair looks slick.
  9. Choose natural bristle hair if you want smooth hair. Also, they do not electrify or pull hair.
  10. Use dry shampoo to make it work, and in the morning the hair was voluminous and neat.