10 things that a good man does not do with his beloved


Beauty in relationships is created through strength and self-esteem. A common, but understandable mistake that people are powerless and oppressed, is to question themselves and to justify the mistreatment of others.

It is wonderful to have a compassionate heart, but when it comes to your close environment and especially your romantic partner, you must be irreconcilable to your standards and not allow your compassion to outweigh. The right person inspires you and treats with the respect you deserve.

If you are wondering if he loves you despite his terrible behavior, then the answer is no. He does not love you, and it is not because you are unattractive. This is because his ability to love is weakened, and you are in an unhealthy relationship.

Most people do not intend to harm others. However, many do not do so because it is an intention, but because they are too stuck in their own suffering to take into account the needs of others. They cannot feel tender feelings and therefore cannot love you.

If someone with whom you are romantically connected does not show tender care and sympathy, it is because he lives in such a narrow psychological world that all he manages to do is greedily defend himself. In fact, he simply feels that something threatens his further existence.

Such people do not love themselves, because when you love yourself, then by nature you love others and life itself.

If he has never done these 10 things, you will know that you have found a good man who loves himself and, therefore, can love you. If you notice this, healthy relationships are out of the question.

He puts destructive habits above you

Addiction blocks a person’s ability to love. He has a passion for something, and you feel that his love is declining because he is changing mentally and physically?

Very few things in life guarantee that you can never be a deeply loved person, because they will always stand above you. Addiction is narcissistic and self-destructive in nature.

He threatens you physically, emotionally or verbally.

This seems obvious, but those of us who have been threatened or abused know the insidious power of insults. It greatly lowers self-esteem and is cyclical.

This model of behavior is not love, but a heroin habit, when a person simply cannot communicate with a partner without insults and humiliation. True love is grounded, reliable and stable.

He presses you to do something that does not make you feel comfortable

The classic sign of egocentrism is a person who makes you do for him what you are uncomfortable to do or has nothing to do with you. You are an object for its own power source.

If you are an empath and a giver by nature, you should especially watch out for this trap. You feel good giving, and he accepting - this ideal combination creates destruction and classical relationship dysfunctions.

This has nothing to do with love, but is associated with low self-esteem and the search for identity through another person.

He repeatedly does not keep his word or lies to you

It is said that it is better to live in a tent than in a mansion with a man who cannot be trusted.

Your romantic relationship is one of the most intimate in life. Without trust, there is no relationship. Trust is the foundation. If the partner does not keep his word, you will not be safe with him.

He ignores you or neglects you.

Whoever truly loves you knows how special you are. He shows care and attention because he really wants. A partner who neglects is unavailable for the love of self or for someone else.

Such people are stuck at a very low level of emotional development and no matter how beautiful you are or what you are doing, he is simply unable to give the care you deserve.

He speaks rudely or disrespectfully.

He who speaks rudely in general, and especially in your presence, does not respect you, yourself or anyone else.

We teach people to treat us correctly. If you tolerate disrespectful behavior, then this tells the partner only that his words are acceptable. Even something in common, for example, when he uses the word "girl" to describe an adult woman patronizing and humiliating. We do not call adult men "boys" because it offends their maturity and masculinity.

He acts on interest in pursuing other women.

It is great, normal and natural to feel attracted to other people, regardless of whether you are in a relationship. But commitment is a sign of love and devotion. If someone does not seek you, he does not really love you.

If you have a sick child, you must take time off from work to take care of him. Abandoning parental responsibilities, because some other things are more attractive to you, means that you do not love your child. The same is true in romance.

Deeds, like your needs, are a burden or inconvenience in his life.

One of the most self-deprecating things you can do in a relationship is to pretend that you have no needs. We all need love, respect and care on the emotional and physical levels.

If you have suffered neglect or abuse in childhood, then you probably subconsciously think that you are a burden, but this is not true. You deserve a partner who can treat you like a precious stone worthy of the best.

He criticizes, humiliates or humiliates you.

Honestly, criticism kills. Most people criticize themselves a lot. But the last person from whom we need to hear negative feedback is our partner. There is a difference between a person who offers useful suggestions and those who criticize.

The latter type makes you feel bad. Do not tolerate this. Not for a second.

He constantly demands your time, energy and attention.

A healthy, loving partner appreciates your love, but does not require it for its own ego satisfaction. Everything unbalanced, including relationships, is prone to illness. Relationships are a two-way street where each person shares something with each other.

You will feel when someone starts to absorb your energy. Pay attention to this internal warning, because everything will only get worse.