5 steps in make-up to hide from the face a painful look

In the fall and winter, the risk of catching a cold becomes much higher. And this is reflected not only in your well-being, but also in appearance. What to do to hide the effects of the disease from the face?

Remove swelling

Sage, geranium, chamomile and yarrow can help cope with swelling of the face. A universal remedy can be made with your own hands if you freeze the broth in the freezer and wipe your face in the morning. And finally bring yourself in order to help high-quality tonal framework and powder.

Even out skin tone

During illness or fatigue, the complexion leaves much to be desired. A reddened or pale face looks unaesthetic. Therefore, the main thing we are doing is getting rid of redness, or, conversely, fighting pallor. For this we need cosmetics. Do not neglect the primer, especially if there is redness on the face. Apply foundation over the primer, and then, if necessary, use powder.

Masking the sick look

Eyes cause illness most often. High-quality mascara will help to hide them (note that the eyes will water, so give preference to waterproof mascara) and special drops from the red that you can buy at the pharmacy. Correct shadows will also help to hide the red. Just do not choose reddish, brick shades. But light brown, on the contrary, will help to visually mask red eyes.

Transfiguring lips

The lips become dry and cracked during the illness. To put them in order, you should use the usual way for the face, and then apply a moisturizing lip balm. Only after that it is necessary to apply colored lipstick. This technique will help make the lips soft and smooth, and hide the signs of the disease. It is worth choosing soft pink or coral shades. But from the dark is to refrain. Matte lipstick is also best not to use.

Add a healthy look to the face

If the face looks too pale and the bruises under the eyes are not smeared with foundation, use additional cosmetics. For example, a concealer that will help mask under-eye circles, a blush that will return a healthy color to the face, and a highlighter, thanks to which your skin will literally glow with a healthy color, will work perfectly.