If a man does these 5 things, then he treats you disrespectfully

One of the main advantages of relationships is the support from the man. One who listens to your complaints about problems, encourages you when you feel depressed, and rejoices with you when you succeed. When there is no such support from the man, the relationship seems cold and heavy. Here are 5 signs that your man does not support you properly.

He refuses to speak with you on topics that concern you.

He is ready to discuss only what is important to himself, and he never has enough time for the rest? This is a sign that he shows insufficient support in the relationship.

He misses important events for you.

You invited him to a family dinner or a working presentation, but he refused to go with you for no apparent reason, and so it happens all the time? Apparently, it is not so important for him to share with you those events in life that mean a lot to you. And this is definitely a minus.

He does not rejoice at your success.

If a man is not too happy with your success, about which you speak so enthusiastically, it may indicate that he has a certain envy and competition towards you, or that he simply does not care what happens in your life.

He constantly interrupts you

A man who does not respect your right to vote and constantly interrupts you, it is impossible to consider support and support.

He is inattentive to you

Throughout the day, he does not even find a minute to call you or send a message, especially if he knows that you are upset? This suggests that the man is not attentive to you.