6 secrets that will make your hair incredibly shiny

Rinse with cold water

One of the fastest and easiest ways to add extra shine is to rinse your hair in cold water at the end of a hot shower. Warm water opens the hair scales, making them dull and naughty, but cold water closes them and the hair becomes smoother and more radiant.

Change towel

Choose a microfiber towel that will absorb excess water and help reduce curling. Also consider replacing your cotton pillow case with a silk one. You will be amazed at how well they keep your hair smooth and not brittle.

Use shampoo twice

More shampoo equals more shine, especially if your hair is prone to fat. Make sure you rinse your hair well and repeat twice to add shine.

Do not forget about haircut

Regular haircut ends of hair is necessary in order to maintain shine. Hair cutting with hot scissors is especially good for hair, it not only removes dry and severed hairs along the entire length, but also seals the tips.

Monitor scalp health

The condition of the scalp can affect the natural shine of your hair. Dull, dry hair can be the result of unhealthy scalp. Use scrubs for the scalp to remove dead skin and oil to strengthen hair.

Use thermal protection

One of the main culprits of dull hair? Heat damage. If you dry, straighten or curl your hair regularly, it is vital to use thermal protection in order to retain moisture in your hair and prevent damage that leads to dullness and lifelessness.