8 habits of a lonely woman who are sharply striking

Single women can be seen immediately - no, they do not have it written on their foreheads, and they don’t go with a poster “Looking for a man”. It’s just that their whole appearance, lifestyle and behavior patterns shout: “I’m alone and therefore I live the way I want.”

1. Bright appearance

A single woman is a potential male hunter who makes her search for a suitable candidate the goal of her life. That is why her appearance is entirely focused on it - too bright makeup, extravagant clothes, inconceivable hairstyles, mini, neckline and languid look. All this is skillfully set in motion, if a handsome man appears on the horizon.

2. Shopping Mania

As you know, shopping is a good way to lighten the mood, stifle internal discontent and at least for a short time feel a surge of happiness. A great way for all singles to take an empty place in the life of things and household items.

3. Visiting green places

From time to time, such places are visited by everyone, but due to the presence of a mass of free time, single women are much more likely to become their regulars. In addition, there is a chance that you can meet a partner there for the duration of joint evenings.

4. Increased attention to yourself

Usually, women without a pair all their own forces direct to anyone, namely, the beloved. They find a hobby to their liking, are actively involved in sports, self-development, carefully monitor their own figure and appearance, and are regular visitors to beauty salons and hairdressers.

5. "Hunting" look

The lonely women are given first glance by looking out, choosing and hunting. They seem to scan and probe all the men who are in the near radius, so that if something happens, they should not miss the one and only.

6. A large number of friends

In the absence of a permanent relationship and family, single women compensate for this by a large number of friends. Moreover, both sexes - both female and male. Male friends, as a rule, sometimes move to the rank of temporary partners and also quickly and unexpectedly leave it.

7. Imposing loneliness

There are often cases when loners, as it were, deride married women. The heavy burden that falls on the shoulders of those who have a husband and family is listed, and all the advantages of loneliness are voiced - starting with the absence of scattered socks and, finishing, “I want gingerbread, I want halva”.

8. Envy of others

No matter how lonely people paint the delights of a “bachelor” life, yet, the dream of every woman is to have a faithful companion, home and family. Therefore, the shoots make their way through envy to all who have these components in life.