2 consequences of a bad bite that ruin your health

About what affects the bite and its features, we were told Nana Gezalova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, orthodontist dentist, owner of the Pro Prikus clinic.
Nana Gezalova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, an orthodontist dentist, the owner of the ProPrikus clinic. Many people imagine the wrong bite with gaps between the teeth. However, this is not quite true. Orthodontists are engaged in correcting aesthetic imperfections, but correcting bite can help with the solution of certain diseases.

Headaches and Posture

Few people know that headaches, pains in the back area are closely connected with dentistry. The bite is involved in all the processes of formation of the spine, muscles and health. Shift jaws relative to each other leads to a change in the position of the whole body. And as a result - to pain from the head to the spine and legs.

The abnormal position of the jaws leads to diseases such as migraine and chronic tension of the mandibular joint.

Incorrect bite leads to a change in posture. The desire of the spine to compensate for "errors" of the bite occurs as follows: an incorrect bite leads to an asymmetric contraction of muscles in the cervical region, which changes the position of the head. And in order to change the uncomfortable position, muscle tension at the level of the shoulders, in the thoracic region, and so on, changes. For example, the “pressed in” jaw is compensated by an arched back and lowered shoulders. With this position of the jaw in the body, tension is constantly observed, and pain arises.

Premature aging

Much to the surprise of many, the wrong bite causes wrinkles, which can not but also affect your mood. Unnecessary mimic wrinkles make the face less attractive. The fact is that the soft tissues of our face and facial expressions depend on the structure of the bones and the position of the jaws. If the jaw is pulled forward, a “heavy chin” is formed, nasolabial wrinkles are exacerbated. In the opposite situation, pronounced wrinkles form around the eyes. With a deep bite, the effect of “always surprised face” is fixed, since the upper lip is slightly pushed forward and raised, and the chin, on the contrary, is hidden. With such a bite, the load is not properly distributed when chewing, and the back teeth grind out much faster.

Methods of dealing with the wrong bite

Fix bite is not painful at all. This can be done at any age. Now it is not necessary to wear braces, there is a more advanced and effective option - these are transparent and completely invisible caps. After you know that the problem has been solved, and taking care of your teeth is no longer so difficult, the mood in the morning will always be good. After all, you are the owner of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Bite affects not only beauty, but also general health, so it’s never too late to solve this problem, especially since the procedure is absolutely painless.