8 tricks with which a man imperceptibly and completely manipulates you

Nowadays, most people almost perfectly master the art of managing others. And all this is done very unnoticed, gently and unhurriedly. Once - and you are already in the clutches of a psychopath. In order not to fall for this bait, pay attention to the 8 methods used by the manipulators.

1. Excessive flattery and praise

A great move that helps a man to lull your vigilance and get into your confidence. After such love of love, a woman cannot adequately perceive her attitude toward herself and sees everything only in rose-colored glasses. As the saying goes: "Give the stars, and then everything is possible."

2. Reproaches

Reproaches always instill a sense of guilt. To get rid of this, we begin to prove the opposite and try to remove the blame from ourselves. At such moments it is very convenient to demand from us, women, whatever you like and use for your personal purposes.

3. Indifference

Detachment always makes one feel in relation to whom it is directed, anxiety and anxiety. The reason for such masculine behavior is incomprehensible to a woman, and to find out what happened, you have to look in every possible way for approaches to your chosen one. And he skillfully uses it and benefits for himself.

4. Reminders of "good"

The favorite way of male manipulators is to remind you how much good, kind and bright they did for a woman. This is presented in the form of reproaches and in order to instill in her a sense of guilt and duty, which will have to be given in the same kind and disinterested deeds.

5. Leaving reality

Welcome when a man tries to make you crazy. In response to your words, he said with huge eyes that there was no such thing, he did not say that, or everything seemed to you. After that, you really begin to doubt your own mind and mind.

6. Blackmail

As a blackmail, you can use a lot of moments from your life. This is especially successful for a man, because he, as your closest, knows you better than others. Everything is very simple - you just have to remember something that causes unpleasant emotions and memories, and even say that other people can learn about it, and anything can be demanded from you.

7. Total control

Full control implies snooping on your life and the requirement to report on each step. You involuntarily become addicted to such a man and submit to his mood, feelings and emotions. Most often this occurs in personal life and is accompanied by a painful jealousy.

8. Appeal to pity

And another great way to manipulate a man is to set himself up as a victim. Everybody must understand the sacrifice, love, pity and protect. The sacrifice causes pity and obliges others to treat her in a special way. The bottom line is your guilt, responsibility and total dependence on such a man.