Money takes more from your life than they give

It is believed that big money gives a lot in life. Yes it is. But along with a lot of money, a lot is also lost. In my life I have been in two skins: in very rich, and in very poor. And I want to tell you, you are not so dependent and vulnerable from anyone, as from a lot of money.

I had my own company, which brought a very good income. And in 2014, when all these dances began with tambourines around the dollar and the euro, the country was mired in an economic crisis, and my business went bankrupt. I became practically impoverished in the literal sense of the word. I saved on food and borrowed money from friends so that I could somehow live.

And, you know what, it was at this time that I felt most happy and free. When I had a lot of money, I was constantly surrounded by obligations, boundaries and boundaries, although it seems that it should be the other way around. I just got lazy and forgotten how to do something with my hands - everyone performed cars for me or people, if I bought something, it should have been the best, if I flew somewhere, then it was only first class and to a five star hotel. I communicated only with people who are richer than me, otherwise paranoia began to overcome me, that everyone uses me solely to get personal gain because of my money. I was in constant tension, because I constantly had to prove and show everyone my high status. And this is called happiness and freedom?

Paradox, but only being at the bottom of the financial hole, I was able to breathe easy. I didn’t have to prove anything, I ate ordinary human food and walked the same way that thousands of people go, and I knew that my friends communicate and value me for my human qualities, and not for a fat wallet.

Of course, poverty is also an extreme. The golden mean is an average income, one that is enough for good food, home and travel. And millions and billions - all this is a soap bubble that can burst at any moment.