5 male habits, which means to endure - not to respect yourself

Have you ever looked back at your past relationships and wondered how you could allow anyone to treat yourself like that? Or listened to her friend and were indignant, how could she even tolerate such a thing?

Alas, many do not immediately recognize a bad attitude. And so that this does not happen to you, we will talk about behavior that you definitely should not tolerate.

He is trying to control you

Control is not always obvious. That is, he may not tell you directly what to do and what not. But he can comment on what is happening so that in your head there will be questions and doubts whether you are acting correctly.

Control begins with trifles, and if you do not nip it in the bud, your life will soon be subordinate to it. Remember, what matters is what you want and what you need.

He doesn't pay attention to the little things.

How many times have you been convinced that men do not care about details, trifles? We will tell you a secret: men pay attention to trifles, when it is really important and necessary for them.

Think, if you can not trust him even a trifle, something unimportant, can you rely on him when you need more serious help?

He is incredibly jealous

In a healthy relationship, there is no place for jealousy. Jealousy appears when there is no trust. Or when a jealous man is so not sure of himself that he projects all his worst nightmares on a partner.

He makes you jealous

No man who really cares about the feelings of his woman, will not give her a reason for jealousy. He will never hurt her and will not manipulate her feelings to achieve the desired.

He avoids responsibility

He avoids mistakes and therefore refuses to take any responsibility. He does not learn anything, does not develop, because he simply has no reason to change. He does not take responsibility, and therefore does not make mistakes.