22 male infidelity signals that are almost invisible to women


What is microchange? This is something that is difficult to notice in a relationship, and that is often attributed to the special attractiveness of a man. And although the physical betrayal itself does not occur with another girl, such a “phenomenon” also causes pain.

But the most unpleasant thing is that it is not so easy to find a microchange. You feel that something is happening with your partner, but you do not want to roll up a scandal from scratch.

Here are 22 signals in the behavior of a man who poison his relationship with his micro-changes:

1. He often turns to his next nice acquaintance, who is “just a friend” to him for advice or recommendation. And he does this, despite the fact that all the answers can be found on the Internet. He just likes to have so much fun.

2. He allows himself obscene expressions to waitresses because they look very seductive.

3. He sends to all familiar girls sends provocative messages, candid articles or videos, thinking that this may interest them.

4. In his phone book, the contacts of the girls are signed with code names so that no one will know about their relationship during calls, SMS.

5. He obsessively monitors the posts of other girls in social networks and gets more pleasure from the publications of the one that is not his beloved than from the posts of his chosen one.

6. He shares his secrets not with his girlfriend, but with others. Especially when very excited and this is significant for him. And he expects reciprocity from other girls.

7. He does not specifically tell his friends and colleagues about his companion, so that everyone would think of him as a bachelor.

8. He tells everyone that he is only dating a girl, although in fact he can live together for a long time or even be engaged.

9. He will deny his relationship with a girl if he has a chance to flirt with someone. For example, with a girl who met by chance at the entrance or at a bar. Even if he does not plan to establish a serious relationship with her.

10. If something amazing happens to him, first of all he will hurry to share this news with another girl, and not with his chosen one.

11. He still marks memorable dates with his “former”. For example, the anniversary of a relationship or the day when they first had an affinity.

12. He tries to do something good for the other girl, “forgetting” about his beloved. For example, invites you to go to the movies.

13. He gives other girls the hope that they can soon start a relationship. Thereby making it clear that something is wrong with the current relationship. But his darling is hardly aware of this situation.

14. He connects his lunches with other women or treats of their drinks to his work when asked by his girlfriend.

15. Deciding to relax - go cycling, dine in a restaurant, go to the cinema - for the company invites not his girlfriend (although he knows that she is free), but another woman he likes.

16. He sends his former photos of their joint photos, reminds her of a good time, talks about how he misses that time.

17. In communicating with the former, he uses jokes and code words from their ended romantic relationships that only two of them understand.

18. He gives his girlfriend the perfume that is used by the other - the one with which he was in love. So that this fragrance always reminds of a good time.

19. He always deliberately reduces the importance of his real girl, especially if she is mentioned (compared) together with another woman he likes.

20. He asks for the other girl’s contacts to work together. Although he himself understands that the work just will not.

21. Even if he brought his girlfriend to the company, he tries to spend all the time in communication with other women, without paying her due attention.

22. He always tries to quietly leave his ring at home in order to feel free again with his friends.