For these 3 reasons, women are often alone by the age of 35

The modern pace of life has significantly changed the age limits optimal for marriage. And if before it was customary to create families in the 20-25 years, now most couples create families at the age of 30 years or more. If you are 35 years old and you have not been married yet - this is not a cause for concern, but rather an occasion to reconsider your attitude towards this issue and analyze your life goals. Perhaps your failure to marry is due to one of these reasons.


Modern life is a race. The race for success, material well-being, demand in society. Women enter this race on a par with men. Therefore, many are simply afraid to miss the opportunity to build a successful career if they are distracted by serious relationships and creating a family.

Over time, this fear develops into a habit, and it is becoming more and more difficult for a woman to imagine herself in the role of wife and mother, so firmly her career took up all her time. A career woman or a workaholic men are rarely married, because they understand that she will not be able to devote enough time to relationships and family.

In this case, if you are worried about the situation with marriage, you should reconsider priorities in favor of family and relationships and find a compromise between a man and a career.


It is also possible that a potential fear of marriage is developed in you, the fault of which is complexes and low self-esteem. If a girl’s parental marriage collapsed before her eyes, then this model can be learned by her on a subconscious level. In this case, in order to avoid such a failure, she will avoid serious relationships for fear of failure. And she will do it without realizing it, pushing away potential husbands with her behavior.

Another danger is when a girl is humiliated in childhood, insulting her appearance or threatening that no one will love her and nobody needs her. In this case, self-esteem suffers, which also affects self-confidence and the ability to attract a decent man. In this case, it is necessary to urgently get rid of both complexes and problems with self-esteem, because they interfere not only with relationships, but also with normal life.

Active searches

The other extreme of women who cannot marry is manic and overly active searches. Some women have literally written on their foreheads: “I want to get married!” This scares men away. It is also worth reviewing your approach to finding a potential husband. Maybe you are too active and went through a lot of applicants? Or, out of fear of loneliness, do you literally rush to demand serious relations with any man who just smiles at you?

Reconsider your attitude towards active search for a husband Maybe you just need to relax and calm down. If active efforts in this field have not yielded results yet, then try changing the strategy. Marriage, after all, is not a train to which you can be late, and the main thing here is to find your man to feel happy with him.

And if marriage in principle is not included in your plans and life priorities - do not succumb to social pressure, live at your pleasure.