A smile will never be perfect while you use these 5 products.

We all know that sweets and soda are harmful to our teeth, but sugar and acids hiding in other, seemingly innocent foods (and even healthy ones) also harm. We asked New York dentist Mark Lovenberg to tell us about five products that are bad for the oral cavity, and to give some tips on how to avoid this.


Despite the fact that the bottles of juice contain nutrients and vitamins, they have such a high sugar content that in some of them it is even more than in cocktails or soft drinks, as stated by Lowenberg. This sugar is consumed by bacteria in our mouth and turns into acid, which wears out the enamel and can cause caries.

Solution: try to drink juice through a straw so as not to touch the surface of your teeth with it. And you should definitely wait at least 45 minutes after drinking to brush your teeth: after the acid softens their enamel, they may become even more vulnerable to damage.

Chewable Vitamins

They taste like gummy candy - and they are not much better for our teeth. In fact, their sticky sugar composition sticks to the teeth so well that they almost inevitably cause cavities.

Solution: take vitamins in pill form. Although it may not be so fun, but it is worth the health of your teeth.

Barbecue sauce

Backyard barbecues are a favorite summer entertainment. But most people do not understand that thick sweet sauce, in which they marinated chicken and ribs, also marinates your teeth in sugar (yes, the sauce is full of it), potentially putting you on the path to discoloration and decay of teeth.

Solution: before you know that you will eat a dish with this sauce, apply a very thin layer of vaseline on your teeth to create a barrier between the sauce and your enamel. Can not stand the feeling of jelly on the teeth? Try brushing your teeth immediately after the culinary process to remove leftovers.

Dried fruits

While some fresh fruits are actually considered good for teeth, dried fruits are never useful. This nutritious snack comes complete with non-cellulose fiber, which creates traps for sugar on and around the teeth, as well as thick chocolates (and vitamins, which we wrote about above).

Solution: brush your teeth and floss immediately after the dried fruit to get rid of any stuck sugar.

White wine

Red wine stains your teeth - and so it is! - but white is not better for dental health. Acid in white wine eats up enamel and makes teeth vulnerable to stains from other foods or drinks.

Solution: It is recommended to eat more cheese with wine. It is rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus, which can help keep the acid away from enamel. Low-calorie approach: rinsing with water after drinking to wash off some of the acidity.