7 reasons why he does not want (and will not) respond to your messages

How many times have you sat by the phone, waiting for a call from a man? Maybe you are dating him? Maybe they just slept? Nevertheless, you constantly think, write and can not do anything else, except counting the hours, minutes and even seconds before his message.

Naturally, you will justify it, because the person is always trying to make it better in the end, right? But the truth is that you will never know the truth until he answers.

So stop torturing yourself and look at 7 reasons why he did not answer you. And if one of them sounds familiar, forget about this man and move on.

You get what you give

This timeless phrase refers to everything, especially when it comes to relationships. Regardless of whether you enter into new relationships and / or support old ones, you must ask yourself: “Does this man know that I’m really interested in him or, nevertheless, send the wrong signals?”

Men really can not understand and it is possible that he will get the impression that you are not in love with him, so he is trying to retreat. Be honest and confident.

Bad time

Now is not the right time. As a rule, if it disappears after you have had an amazing time, you can safely assume that this has nothing to do with you and, most likely, is associated with “bad time”.

This is a difficult excuse, but it may be true. Try your best to see the signs before continuing to devote your time to it.

No sexuality

“So you say that he did not find me interesting or sexual? I don't understand ... ”Basically, you can be boring. Nobody wants to hear this about themselves, especially when it comes to sex and dating. But, of course, not all men think the same way.

If you read this and think that you are boring, we suggest you watch a movie with a high rating or read something interesting. It does not hurt.

Still undefined

Remember, if you do not want to make yourself a fool, it is better to slow down. Just because you had an amazing first date in the park, and the second one turned out to be a terrible dinner at a restaurant, it does not mean that everything is over. As the saying goes: "The third time will be lucky!"

Three meetings is an arbitrary timeline in order to get to know a person exactly. What will happen next? By this time you will be able to understand.

Took advantage and threw

This is the worst and most common phrase that is spoken by loners. If you do not know what it is about, then you either have no sex life, or you do not pay attention to such signs.

If you find yourself sexually connected with someone the same night, and then the next thing that happens - it just disappears, then you just become a victim of "taken advantage and quit." Men of this type are monotonous: “had a great time” or “can we meet and repeat?” After a long time. If you want to escape from pain and embarrassment, read between the lines and no longer write to him.

He is a playboy

If you are wondering if you are the only partner in his life, then your suspicions are probably on the right track.

You can consider yourself a lover of monogamous relationships, and that's great. But it is not known who your partner may be.

Over time, if he does not express his commitment only to you, then do not bother. You can be very offended.

Growing pains

If you meet someone who makes you silent, naturally, you might think that he does not like you, he meets someone else, or that you were terrible in bed.

Guess what? You are probably right. This is probably not what you want to hear, but, on the other hand, be better aware of this.

Why it happens? Silence is a sign of immaturity. And the silence of the man becomes the answer to all your questions. He is not for you. It is not your fault that he is still a child. Move on.