5 hairstyles for dirty hair, so that they are not noticed by others


If you have long hair: make a low tail

If you have dry hair, use a drop of mousse or styling cream.

Leave on both sides of the face strands a few centimeters thick. Tie the rest of the hair in a low tail.
After that, stretch the remaining front curls around the left and right sides of the head, connecting them to your low tail. Wrap a new rubber band to keep your hair in place.

Finish the hairstyle by taking a strand under the tail and wrapping the base of the tail with it (to disguise both elastic bands). Secure the strand below invisible.

If you have curly hair: make light morning waves

At bedtime, spray hair with water using a spray bottle. Apply a little mousse, fixing the shape of curls.

Divide the hair into three parts and braid each - starting from the middle of the hair and tying them with a rubber band at a distance of about two centimeters from the ends.

In the morning, spread the braids and straighten the curls with your fingers - use a smoothing cream or oil to keep your hair from flowing and electrifying. Spectacular waves are ready!

If you have thick hair: make a volume braid

Spray the texturizing spray over the entire length of the hair, as well as on the scalp (from 5–10 cm) and allow the product to absorb excess sebum for one or two minutes.

Slide your hands from root to tip to fluff hair and give it volume, then flip the hair over one shoulder and braid the loose braid.

Tie your skin with a transparent rubber band or a rubber band that blends in with your hair.

If you have naughty hair: make a high bunch

Split the hair into several parts and spray on the roots of a dry shampoo or texturizing spray.

Rub a little lipstick in your palms, tilt your head down and gather the hair in a high ponytail at the crown. If your hair is tight and naughty, use a comb to brush all the “cocks”.

Treat the tail with lipstick for hair to smooth it, and then collect it in a bun.

Secure the bundle with studs and stealth.

In order not to break out any naughty curl, fix the styling with hair spray.

If you have short hair: comb it back

Collect the upper part of the hair in the tail (if you have a very short haircut like a pixie, go straight to the second step).

Spray liberally on the remaining hair and on the sides of hairspray (you can apply lipstick or mousse if you have thick or wavy hair) - using a comb to make the hair as smooth as possible.

Untie the top of the hair and straighten it with a curling hair, laying the hair on its side.

Spray the hairspray. If there are still strands out of shape, smooth them with lipstick or mousse.