Because of these 5 lunch bugs, you still can't lose weight

Lunch usually finds us somewhere in the office, and it is, of course, not easy to follow all the rules of nutrition in such a confusion. Nevertheless, it is necessary to exclude at least the main food (namely, lunch) mistakes, otherwise you will never fit into the red dress, which has been hanging in your closet for two years.

Eat for lunch all in a row

If for breakfast there is a high-calorie meal more or less acceptable, then it’s definitely not worth doing it for lunch. It is better to give preference to the least high-calorie, but at the same time nutritious food. Vegetable salads, boiled chicken with a side dish and other diet products will treat your body much more gently.

Drink sweet juices

All women know that it is worth drinking as much liquid as possible. But when nutritionists talk about this, we are talking about simple water, and in extreme cases, homemade fruit drinks. But fruit juices contain too much sugar (and in packets there is no juice at all, only preservatives).

Do not eat soups

The best meal for lunch is soup. Boiled meat and vegetables are not only healthy, but also far less in calories than side dishes with sauces and excess vegetable oil.

Skip lunch

Skipping lunch, even if it has less importance, is also not worth it. Firstly, it is fraught with problems with the digestive system. Secondly, if you do not have lunch, by the end of the day you will feel completely exhausted. And, finally, after starving all day, the main meal will be in the evening, which is not at all the best idea for both health and shape.

Ignore breakfast

Breakfast is the main meal of the day, which does not get tired to say all nutritionists and doctors (and at the same time we). However, many ignore him. Someone does not have time to have breakfast in the morning, someone is late for work, and someone simply does not have an appetite. Nonetheless, you should definitely overpower yourself and have breakfast as tightly as you can. It is on this energy that your body will exist during the day, and almost all calories will be recycled.