5 tricks to a man just wanted to be alone with you

In most romantic stories, the first stages of courtship are the most exciting. But whether we like it or not, men, on whom we have long-term plans, often discuss their options. It also happens that very attractive men will see several girls, one of whom can start a relationship. Therefore, women have to compete.

But even with strong competition, there are several ways to make a man choose you, and not another.

1. Be charming, but seem a little less interested than she is.

In fact, you need to let him know that you like him and are deeply interesting. But you do not need to put pressure on him so that he meets with you. The reason for not pushing is that men like the sensation of the chase. They tend to get involved in women who look down on them.

Having received a clue, he will see interest, feel less pressure and, most likely, will find you more interesting than the other. The key is that it does not seem to him that he does not care for you. You just need to be a little less persistent than other women.

2. If you are already communicating enough, suddenly a little “bounce”

This trick is based on psychology. Men almost go crazy when they try to return what was always there and suddenly disappeared. If you waited for a certain time, and he did not dare for a long time, then the easiest way to spur him on with a choice is to stop being easily accessible to him. Therefore, make a small step back in communication with him. For a man, this literally means that you are slowly disappearing from his life.

Thinking that you were always on his side, the man begins to go crazy and try to get you. The main thing here is to make everything as natural as possible and as if it means nothing to you.

3. Look long in his eyes

There is an easy way to make a man fall in love with you. This is to establish and keep eye contact for more than ten seconds. By doing this all the time, you make him feel more comfortable with you. It makes you think about the presence of a deeper connection than it actually is.

4. Make another woman lose interest in your man.

This is pretty mean, so everything will have to be done secretly. If she meets someone who is more interested in her, she is likely to stop pursuing him. Then your path will be free. The only problem is that he can then find out and be offended for it by you.

5. If it seems to you that he does not dare, ask directly

If you have been talking for several months, and there is no certainty, then you can dot the i. If he has not yet touched on the topic of relations, then you can directly ask what he expects. Sometimes, to get what you want, just ask. But do it carefully, without pressure.

If he doesn't react at all when it comes to relationships, if he continues to turn on the fool, he will never take you seriously. And if you do not want to constantly drag him with pain and shouts, it is better to immediately quit and find someone better.

And there is one more thing that we constantly forget about when the man we are counting on appears. If you have no value for him, then find the one for whom you will represent.