12 things that self-respecting women always respect in relationships


Women often leave their hobbies, their friendship and other things for the sake of their men. They cannot recognize the obvious signs that look them straight in the eyes.

Healthy relationships should add freedom and life to our existence. Relationships should not weaken us so that someone else feels better. It is important to have your own strength, have healthy beliefs, and tell your truth about yourself and your life, to allow the elect to become your destiny. Giving up your personality in favor of a man ultimately weakens your self-esteem and lowers your self-esteem.

Here are the principles of self-respecting women who are highly valued by men:

1. Self-Identity

Know that you are great. You can sometimes think that you are not good enough, but do not underestimate yourself or who you can become. You want to be with someone who values ​​you as much as you, even with your imperfections, because he really wants to be with you, and does not want to change you.

2. The right to make decisions

Do what your soul requires and don’t give up your energy. Relationships will be compromises, but even in this case you must have space to think and do what seems reasonable. Do not allow yourself to use.

You do not need to agree or rush into any commitments if you are not ready. Do not let others control your happiness. Your instincts will guide you, so pay attention to this.

3. The right to choose whom to let into your life

Any relationship that limits you from meeting close friends and family that keep you from the world is not worth your effort. It's time to break free.

This is manipulation and control over you. All this is very far from true love. You allow yourself to lose self-esteem and freedom of choice.

4. Freedom of speech

Share your thoughts and feelings sincerely and honestly. It makes the relationship strong. Your goal is to be heard and understood. The point is not to give up self-esteem, to be true to yourself and to stand firm on your own.

5. Accepting yourself

Remove from the mind the thought that you must change your figure to win the love of a man. Such an idea should be only because of your dream or for the sake of your health and well-being, and not for someone else.

There is an unrealistic expectation in society that a woman should have a certain figure and should dress in a certain way in order to be worthy. The media parade photo models with the parameters of 90/60/90, but in reality, 80 percent of women in the world have far from ideal parameters.

Take your body as it is.

6. Chemistry, compatibility and communication

If you do not feel physical attraction to your partner, it means that you lack chemistry. Moreover, his education, success, external data are not related to this side of the relationship.

Are you compatible in terms of morality and ethics, values ​​and beliefs, religion and politics, education and financial position? All this contributes to strong communication and friendship. Communication is extremely important. You need to enjoy each other’s company and be able to communicate openly and participate in interesting conversations.

7. Inner peace and joy

Never let your partner deprive you of joy. You have the right to sing loudly, paint walls, write poetry, laugh, drink your favorite wine, play your favorite music and dance, meditate, do yoga - do everything to improve your inner world.

There is nothing worse than to realize by the end of your life that you have wasted your life, living under stress, afraid to laugh, sing, or just fool around.

8. Expectations from yourself and your life

Follow the path that matters most to you, and always be true to yourself. Always be yourself and go your own way. Give your man the opportunity to share his achievements so that you can support each other.

9. Expectations from his obligations

A person who fails to fulfill his obligations shows that he lacks responsibility. To build a relationship of trust, your man must fulfill his obligations.

Does he do what he says? Does he arrive on time, or at least call in advance if he is late? Or does he keep you waiting? A man shows his love in the obligations that he voluntarily assumes and fulfills.

10. Male dependencies of any kind

Addiction is all that distracts a person from everyday duties. These can be gambling, addiction to computer games, alcohol or smoking, etc.

Dependent partners avoid questions that require their attention and live in a world of pretense. Their behavior is easy and often offensive. You can not do anything, can not fix anything. You can only support the dependent partner in his struggle until he is fully healed. Give him time to prove to you that he is focused on recovery.

Make a commitment to take care of yourself, surround yourself with your own support system and set your limits.

11. Women's self-esteem

Let's face it: there are men who love to control and manipulate. In relationships, they can become dominant and disrespectful and threaten you if you go against them.

If you do not set your boundaries at an early stage and do not let your man know that he should respect you, then you give him a signal that he can always dominate and manipulate you. Respect yourself and let your man know that he must respect you.

12. Constant sacrifice

In your frustration and despair, do you feel you have to sacrifice yourself for love? Do you feel that you must constantly give in to the needs of your partner, please him in order to be loved? Soon you will experience all this growing anger and resentment, because you will understand that you really do not get what you want from the relationship. Give up the position of the victim in the relationship.

You have not yet learned what it means to receive love, and unless you learn this, your relationship cannot change for the better.