Here's what you need to know before making your bed: 3 subtleties

One of the most pleasant feelings in the world is to go to bed with new, clean bedding. Even better, bedding feels incredibly smooth (you know that feeling). No matter how household you are, you probably don’t have time to iron the linens. Here are simple tricks (even from our grandmothers) to achieve this blissful feeling of a crisp bed - and no iron is needed here.

What to do

Wash your sheets the way you used to do it. Do not allow the laundry to dry completely. Instead, while the laundry is a bit wet, pull it tight on the mattress. Voila! No more folds!

Why does it work

When you cover the mattress with a slightly damp sheet, it will match the shape of the mattress. The sheet is dry already on it, without the formation of unnecessary folds.

Another detail

If you are worried about mold, do not worry. Sheet dries faster than you say the word "mold."