Male look: 6 repulsive items of female wardrobe

No matter how the designers persuade us to wear bulky pullovers, oversized coats, immense trousers and wide-legged boots - be careful. Men are confused by "drowning" girls in clothes.


According to polls, most men believe that this model of footwear can disfigure any, even the sweetest, female legs. Uggs are a cross between felt boots and boots, and their function is one and quite simple - to keep your feet warm. Natural uggs are made of sheep wool pile inside. In recent years, the fashion industry has set its sights on comfort and convenience, and in men, probably, the exciting image of girls wading through high heels through the snow and ice still stands before their eyes.

Shapeless things

Women hide their charms in huge sweaters, legs, coats. For such voluminous clothes men can not distinguish a beautiful silhouette. In dressing around, all the charms are hidden, there is no intrigue or hint - men regard this as a lack of interest in their person.


According to the stories of men in such clothes, women look like either little girls or aunties of the 70s. And the overalls of free cut evoke associations of construction clothing.

Artificial volume fur coat

Men believe that the fur coat is old and makes girls look like boyar from children's fairy tales. And our most favorite and popular caramel color is associated with Cheburashka.

Clothing with false shoulders

Fashion with false shoulders was very popular in the 80s. Designers have described these years as excessive. Everything was “too” - too narrow, too voluminous, too catchy, too bright. Despite the fact that the overhead shoulders have returned to the podiums, modern men do not like to see a woman next to them, whose shoulders are sometimes wider than theirs.

Indefinite Trousers

Uniform trousers for men are also not honored. Such pants are considered by many to be ugly, for which a woman cannot be discerned, and no fantasy will help in this case. Excessive autonomy and deliberately hidden femininity repel men.