These 5 marks on your hands tell you it's time to see a doctor.

If you carefully treat your body, you can timely notice the problems that it signals through various organs and systems. Take at least hands: for some of their shortcomings can be defined serious illness. Women usually try to care for their hands, because they are always in sight, and they can even determine the approximate age. But the signs of diseases must be taken into account.

Dark spots

Pigmentation of the skin of the hands is a clear sign that something is wrong with the body. It is necessary to pay attention to the color of the spots. In the hands of older women, you can often notice a scattering of dark spots, similar to large freckles. It is the pigmentation that appears with age. But if a relatively young girl discovers such spots in her, then this indicates excessively active exposure to ultraviolet rays, which can lead to melanoma - skin cancer. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to be examined.

Red spots are not pigmented: this is a consequence of dermatological problems. It is also possible that this is a malfunction of the liver or cardiovascular disease.

Yellow spots are harder to distinguish. But if they are, then you need to run to a gastroenterologist. Problems with the liver or gallbladder always respond to yellow skin.

Finger pigmentation deserves special attention. If the tips have turned purple, you need to digest the system. And if the spots appeared on the hills of Venus (palm, the base of the thumb), consultation with a gynecologist would not hurt, as problems with the genitals are possible.

Light spots

This drawback indicates the absence of pigmentation in a certain area of ​​the skin of the hands. This is a deficiency of melanin, which may not necessarily be caused by a lack of sun. Perhaps this is a violation of hormonal or metabolic processes, so you should first turn to the therapist.

Light spots on the hands may either have a pale yellow shade, or be almost white. And even when you sunbathe, they do not darken.


This symptom never bodes well. Edema suggests the accumulation of excess fluid in the extracellular spaces of the body. Causes of violation of its outflow can be very different, so you can not lose sight of this.

When the fingers swell, it can talk about varicose veins. Yes, it happens not only on the legs. If your hands are also blushing and whining, you need to urgently run to the phlebologist. If the fingers swell during menstruation, this is normal, because the reason for this is a change in hormonal levels. Only edema should subside by about 4–5 day of the cycle. If this does not happen, consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Swelling of the entire hand (often accompanied by redness caused by stretching of the skin) may indicate an inflammatory process in the hand. You may have hurt yourself or hurt yourself badly, but you don’t attach any importance to this. A local inflammation has already begun, and it must be eliminated by contacting a doctor.

Swelling of hands can talk about allergies to detergents. If you find this symptom, remember, perhaps you recently changed dishwashing detergent or bought a new laundry detergent.

Skin peeling

Girls often do not attach any importance to this, but simply start smearing their hands with cream and making paraffin baths more often. But if the skin of the hands flakes off constantly, it is a sign of a lack of vitamins A, C and E. So far, only the hands have responded to the deficiency, but soon the whole body will respond to it. And until the consequences have begun (it could be anything from aging skin to intestinal diseases), you need to replenish your vitamins. But first, consult a doctor to determine the exact cause of desquamation.

Sometimes hands flake off from allergies or from frequent contact with water. It's easy to track down and deal with the problem. Peeling can also cause flaking. Therefore, if the skin not only peels off the hands, but they also began to smell unpleasantly, urgently to the dermatologist.

Sweat palms

If you have a date or an important meeting, sweaty palms are the norm. If your hands are constantly wet, regardless of the time of day and your condition, this is a hormonal disorder, similar to hyperthyroidism. Also, increased sweating of the palms can talk about diabetes, which also develops due to problems with hormones.

Hand sweats may be associated with exacerbation of genetic diseases. Yes, it is a rarity, but it is the place to be. Brynauer syndrome, Buka syndrome, dyskeratosis, Weir-Mitchell disease - all of these diseases are not dangerous for human life, but cause excessive sweating of the hands and the whole body.

Eliminate the external flaws of the hands is not enough. It is necessary to track the frequency and intensity of their manifestation, to notice changes or deterioration and to consult a doctor in time. Hormonal disruptions, which most often cause problems with the skin of the hands, are no good for a woman.