8 wild feminine features that men like so much

Explain exactly what women attract men is actually quite difficult. Yes, of course, appearance, desire for intimacy and seduction factors play a role. But there are things that in a rather strange and inexplicable way make men literally fold their necks and get stars for women from the sky.

1. Specific speech

Men are madly in love when a woman speaks “with a twist” - lisps, stutters slightly, pronounces words with an accent or lisps cutely. All this gives her a halo of mystery and strikingly distinguishes among other people.

2. Form

Not only men in the form give birth to women, but vice versa. Many representatives of the stronger sex admit that a woman dressed in overalls or uniform is one of the most exciting spectacles. As it turned out, the dream of many - impregnable lady in camouflage or police clothes.

3. Sportswear

One more thing for women’s wardrobe that men love so much. Leggings, leggings, tight T-shirts and short tops - all this is very beneficial emphasizes the curves of the figure and madly attracts the stronger sex.

4. Speakers clavicle

Men find incredibly tempting protruding clavicle. It looks very cute, fragile and touching. Especially if a woman is wearing a T-shirt or a wide-necked T-shirt.

5. Low voice

Women with a low tone of voice personify eroticism, sexuality and desire. In men, first of all, this tone of speech is associated with ladies who offer love on the phone and, thus, immediately turn on and adjust to the desired mood.

6. Anklet Bracelet

Almost all men admit that the decoration, worn on the ankle, gives the woman a special mystery, charm and appeal. The masculine look simply cannot switch from the ideal female leg to anything else.

7. Bare feet

Perhaps one of the most common men's fantasies is a woman in a long flowing skirt and barefoot. Why? Yes, because it is incredibly sophisticated, beautiful, outrageous and attractive. These legs want to fall and literally kiss them.

8. Black color

The list completes the black color. Yes, yes, it was he, and not the usual exciting red. As it turned out, many men consider red vulgar and vulgar, but black always looks stylish, elegant, expensive and appropriate. Especially seductive men consider black underwear - literally the standard of style.