What annoys you in men according to your zodiac sign



Their huge, all-consuming ego. If, five minutes after your meeting, he begins to brag about how much money he makes, the number of women with whom he had a relationship and claims that you will not meet anyone better in this life, be sure that he still lives with his parents , has not had a permanent relationship for the past five years and makes a living by voluntarily participating in dubious medical experiments.


The feeling that they all need. They expect from you love, loyalty, attention, homemade food, but they have never had the idea that they should give you their due in the same way. While you are always ready to meet their needs, bring them pleasure and maintain comfort, it never entered their heads that they should take proper care of you. This world belongs only to men because they took it from women. The last time to once again finally return it to yourself.


Complete lack of style. They have no idea how to dress. They have a disgusting taste in music, literature and cinema. They are good at math and car repair, but they are completely indifferent to external beauty. Even the most beautiful house in just a week of their stay in it can become one of the most miserable places.


Their clumsiness. Nine out of ten men should be banned from dancing in public. Most often, they can not even eat, so as not to stain the face and clothing. If it were not for women, they would have walked constantly, stumbling on the move and crashing into everything.

a lion

Lack of compassion. Only men can laugh at the rollers that cause pain to people or animals. Only men may be reluctant to spend time with loved ones who are hospitalized or not willing to help those who are much less fortunate in this life.


Snore. Why do men mostly snore? Why when they sleep, do you get the feeling that they are trying to suck the whole universe with their nose? Yes, of course, you are unlikely to somehow be able to influence this process, but this does not mean at all that you should like it unconditionally.


Their hooks. And why only men with pronounced fullness consider it right to tell a woman that it would be nice for her to lose a few kilograms? Why exactly those men who are absolutely not attractive in appearance, consider it correct to hint to women that they would become much more beautiful if they got rid of skin rashes? Why do short men say tall women that they would be much more popular among the opposite sex if they were a little lower? Just say no to the joke once and for all.


They have no idea how to kiss. If they do not lick you like a bulldog, exhausted from the heat, then most likely they are trying so deeply to put their tongues in your mouth, as if they are trying to extract lunch from your stomach. Since childhood, they learn to change the wheels and repair the house, so what prevents them from learning to kiss?


They are completely alien to the feeling of romance. Women want to be conquered by a beautiful prince on a white horse. They want to sing serenades during their gondola ride in Venice. They want a man to do the most incredible and romantic things for them. With Sagittarius, you can not even count on all this.


Attachment to the mother. The main problem of every man is the ability to build an independent, successful life away from his mother. Most men depend on women for almost everything, but there always comes a time when they have to stop behaving like inexperienced youths and begin to take responsibility.


Fear of commitment. The inability of men to control themselves every time another short skirt passes by. Betrayal, Tinder, deception, a culture of sex without commitment, forgotten birthdays and the random names of their lovers. As if they are afraid to catch herpes, making a choice in favor of only one partner.


Their untidiness. Nose hair, belching, shaving cream forgotten behind the ears, and toothpaste stains on the shirt. What could be worse than all this? How can you find such men attractive?