9 habits with which you “set fire” to your relationship and do not even guess about it

Sometimes we destroy our happy union with our own hands, shedding tears on the ruins and sincerely wondering how it all happened, and who is to blame for everything.

Here are 9 women's habits, because of which family life is rolling down the slope, and the man is ready to file for divorce.

1. You complain to his mom

Remember once and for all: in a confrontation against your own mother, a man will never be your ally. Therefore, it is useless to complain, say bad, discuss behind the back and gossip. So you just fall in his eyes and become your own enemy number one.

2. You do not care for yourself

Men love with their eyes. Therefore, if the wife day-to-day meets him with a scruffy exterior and complete neglect, most likely, it is worth expecting that in a short time he will turn left to the one that will attract him with her beauty and attractiveness.

3. You blame him for money

In this matter, the main thing is to choose the right tactics. Direct in the right direction and carefully advise, so that he thinks that he has reached everything himself - can and should be. But constantly sawing, blaming and blaming for the fact that a man earns little - a strategy of failure in advance.

4. You compare it with other men.

For a man, there is nothing worse than self-esteem, when a woman compares him with other men is clearly not in his favor. This is a big blow to male self-love and purposeful underestimation of his self-esteem, which, as we know, never ends well.

5. You constantly find out the relationship

Scandals, tantrums, quarrels and showdowns will never lead to anything traveling. It is like a kind of indicator that shows the strength of your union and the sincerity of the relationship. The more drama and offense, the harder it is then reconciliation, the greater the crack in your union.

6. You check his phone

First you need to ask yourself: “Why am I doing this, and what do I want to know?”

Make sure that he is loyal to you and faithful? But imagine the situation, if you get quite the opposite information? What will you do then? Divorce and maiden name? As they say, you know better - you sleep less.

7. You say bad things about him behind your back.

A very common picture is to discuss a husband behind his back with mom, girlfriends or work colleagues. Everything looks very ugly and low. You should not take litter from the hut and talk about personal problems right and left. In the end, you yourself chose this person and now you are equally responsible for your union.

8. You do not listen to him when he talks to you

Continuing to do your own important things, you just ignore everything he shares with you. Men are very secretive by nature, and when they decide to trust a woman and tell about their feelings and emotions, these moments should be appreciated. Because the next time he just closes even more in his shell and turns away from you.

9. You tell him that you are unhappy with him.

The most terrible words for a man is to hear that he could not make his beloved woman happy. This is a kind of collapse of his whole life, effort, effort and a complete drop in self-esteem. After such a serious statement, your life is unlikely to be the same, and the relationship is as trusting and warm.