How to instantly understand that you liked a man: 4 signals of his body

In order to express feelings, we often do not need words at all. However, this is not news. Non-verbal body signals have been studied for many years. For example, we have compiled for you several interesting finds of an Australian couple, Allan and Barbara Pease, whose books about the language of body movements have spread throughout the world bestsellers. These signals of a man’s body will tell you about his sympathy when he himself may not be aware of it.

Thumbs up on sight

A man who feels more or less confident and at the same time wants to emphasize his importance or even dominance puts his hands in his pockets, but leaves his big fingers outside. Quite often, this gesture appears in the presence of a pretty woman - that's what you want to demonstrate your superiority in order to overshadow other men. Another variation of this signal is when the hands are on the belt, not in the pockets.

Any gesture should be considered in a chain with others. In this case, for example, the legs of the man will be wide apart, and the torso will be turned towards the woman.

Foot direction

A little more about the legs. They are able to tell us a lot!

Feet (or one foot) can be turned in the direction where a man would rather go - for example, to the door. And they can point to a specific, most interesting and cute interlocutor. You can see it when you are standing nearby, but it is especially striking when in a big company a man and a woman sit with their legs crossed and pointing them at each other. Such a couple to talk no more need.

Mirror gestures

The easiest way to determine how cute a man is to you is to trace whether he follows your movements and postures. Mirror allows you to feel agreement, understanding. This is what is called "to be on the same wavelength." And the man, of course, will also look at the clock and be sure to smile when it is done by the woman he likes.

And if you are already married, then by such habits you can determine who is the boss. The one who is copied (wife or husband) is more important and authoritative.

Dilated pupils

If all previous gestures can be faked for one purpose or another, then the eyes do not lie. More than one study has shown that when looking at a pretty person, our pupils dilate. And this is all, by the way, mutual. Because men like a woman with dilated pupils much more - this is also proved. And it turns out such a nice closed chain.