6 reasons why emotional men are the best partners

In the modern world, men and women are no longer the same as a hundred or even fifty years ago. Women have become more confident and independent, and men are more sensitive and emotional. And here are a few pros and cons that are in these changes.

He takes care of children and animals

Of course, he likes traditional men's hobbies like football or computer games. But he also likes to spend time with small children. Or help in animal shelters.

He can hide his feelings, but they are

Men do not tend to show emotions as violently as women. A man is unlikely to eat a whole pack of ice cream due to problems at work or he will spend hours discussing his offense with friends with friends. But this does not mean that he does not feel anything, he simply does not want to appear weak.

He keenly perceives criticism

He will not ignore you or leave, slamming the door after your harsh words. Nevertheless, he took your criticism, your words to heart. So pick your words carefully.

He wants to help people

Emotional men are more prone to empathy. Therefore, they more often choose professions that mean helping other people.

He has moral values

Is he keen on politics? Does it go for equality, justice? All this testifies to the fact that your man is a man with stable principles, which are definitely positive.

He is receptive

He feels delicate beauty, can appreciate life and his woman. He remembers important dates for you, makes you surprises, tries to satisfy you sexually.